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Find a Recreational Basketball Game Anytime, Anyplace with HoopRun


Detroit, MI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/06/2018 --HoopRun, the revolutionary new community platform app that makes finding and organizing recreational basketball games easier than ever, is live on global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

Recreational basketball is hard to find outside of official memberships and leagues, while players often have difficulty finding places to play on impulse. HoopRun solves this by creating a platform where gym owners can set up runs through the app by date and time, while users can view what's happening and when in their communities and join a game on demand.

"HoopRun is a mobile platform that surprisingly it doesn't already exist. The idea is to create a database of runs that is already happening and separate them by locality. Basically users can join them and gym owners can add to this database. A mobile app that can make recreational basketball a click away. If similar apps exist already they seem to miss one significant detail- particularity," says co-founder and CEO Greg Chase. "In most cases I've seen the creators have taken real world problems and putting them into a mobile phone. HoopRun differs because it solves this problem. We're not just taking a real world issue and putting it onto a phone, we're solving the issue for you. Instead of approaching the players, we're actually approaching the gym owners connecting you to runs already happening. So whether you go or don't the run is already happening. Therefore the question changes from- 'Are you going to be able to make it?' To 'Were you able to make it?'"

The HoopRun app provides everything needed for gym owners and users alike including fast mobile reservations, player profiles, founder profiles, push notifications, gym verification options, instant payment processing, locations based results and more.

HoopRun will not only benefit the gym but the community as well since it provides teenagers with an affordable option to play indoor basketball at will and not be "in the streets." Most importantly early adopters will can join and play at no cost to begin. HoopRun increases the profit of the gym, provides more reliable transactions and attendance, provides youth an alternative to unproductive free time and connects basketball players nationwide on basketball courts all across America.

"Our app will provide the youth with an alternative option to occupying free time unproductively. HoopRun harnesses the value of the resources already in the community to benefit the community both financially and developmentally," adds Chase. "Helping the youth will always be a vital aspect of the company's core, because it is a vital aspect of the teams core."

HoopRun is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter: https://kck.st/2MMy8Rh.

About HoopRun, LLC
HoopRun LLC is the basketball brand for hoopers everywhere and our mobile platform is the first step in the community growth and development we will create through sports and technology. Our team, as a collective, creates a unique blend of experience, expertise and execution in both basketball and technology. Together, we developed a process that, we believe, will change the approach to recreational basketball worldwide.

For more information on HoopRun, LLC please visit http://hooprun.com/.