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Vancouver, BC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/25/2019 --Whether it's to get a comfortable night's sleep, a clever and flexible piece of storage or just something that looks stylish in the house, there are so many great uses for a bed. Innovative design and increasingly sophisticated technology can transform a bed from an ergo-dynamic place of rest to a useful sofa or space-saver.

High Sun Mattress' Vancouver store has a particular level of expertise in this field, having been in business since 2003. Such is the company's standing in the industry that they work regularly with housing development companies in Vancouver, providing them with quality furniture and beds to furnish the city's new apartments. And with constant growth in the numbers of people – both local and international – choosing Vancouver as their home over the years, there has been an ever-increasing level of demand for the expertise of High Sun Mattress.

"At High Sun Mattress & Furniture, we believe bedding is more than just a place to lie down," said a spokesperson for the company. "Finding the right kind of bed, with the most appropriate bed frame and the best mattress, can have huge ramifications for a person's physical health, particularly posture and more serious conditions such as arthritis and chronic back problems.

"A good night's sleep shouldn't be just an option for people – it's too vital to people's health and well-being to be anything other than essential. This is why we take a scientific approach to the design and build of our beds and mattresses. Our bed frames in particular play an important role in preventing sagging in the mattress – extending the life of the mattress while also ensuring whoever is lying on it has their weight evenly distributed, which provides a suitable level of support for their body.

"An extra benefit of our bed frames is that we offer an adjustable option. We recognize that with living space these days sometimes being very limited, people value flexibility in their furniture that helps to retain room space while meeting any changing usage and modification."

Pressure on living space has also inspired two other High Sun Mattress products – the sofa bed and lift-up storage bed. The range of sofa beds is designed to suit most preferred styles, room sizes and colors, and is versatile enough to contain adjustable armrests and extra storage. The lift-up storage bed is a useful innovation where the top half of the bed smoothly lifts up on a hinged arm, providing access to a hollow box-shaped lower half that provides ample extra storage options.

Mattresses can almost seem like an afterthought, as to the naked eye many of them look identical. What can make a mattress stand apart and what goes into making each one unique?

"Maintaining the right body temperature and preventing overheating is one of the key features of good quality sleep," added the spokesperson. "Our memory foam mattresses are infused with gel beads, which keep the body cool so there is no more waking up during the night due to sweating. Likewise, our high density polyurethane foam mattresses provide a soft and comfortable sleep along with a higher level of durability and solid support."

About High Sun Mattress
As well as Vancouver, High Sun Mattress & Furniture have stores in Richmond and Surrey, but their online store delivers to all provinces in Canada. The founder has accumulated over 30 years of manufacturing experience in the mattresses sector. It is this high-level knowledge of the industry that has been carefully passed onto the current staff.