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Each day millions of people around the world use internet dating sites to find friendship and love. Is every profile and picture for real and not misleading?


Perth, Australia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/30/2013 --Worried about going on an internet dating site and not knowing if the profile picture and profile information match up to what they are really like? removes the doubt of misleading profile pictures allowing members to see a potential date by webcams. The camera does not lie - who is seen on camera is who they are.

Whether its unintentional it's common that the profile information of a potential date is far different from the person they actually are. Perhaps a younger photo of themselves or a slight embellishment of their physical attributes have had some people approach internet dating with some caution. have solved the problem of misleading profiles and pictures by introducing webcam dating - the person seen via the webcam is close to how they would appear in person.

Webcam dating is still an untouched format. Instead of browsing through hundreds of profile pictures , posting messages and hoping for a return, why not meet face to face, on webcam, in a private one to one date with potential partners. It is unlikely Chatso users will get stuck on an awkward date as Chatso members on a first meeting employ a speed dating senario - 2 minutes to talk and decide whether they wish to share a future connection with them - or not. Don't get stuck in an awkward dating situation, just press "NEXT" and move onto another date. Speed dating in the comfort of home.

Founder of, Chris Giles says "Online dating is brilliant but people have to exercise care - there are scammers and con artists who potentially could manipulate to get access to personal details. Have a healthy fear of activity online and don't share any personal information if it is not necessary."

Private and personal information can be kept safe as Chatso provides a full service messaging platform so members can keep in touch within the walls of Chatso - rather than sharing personal information and compromising their privacy.

The webcam may not be easy for everyone. It takes some courage to connect live with strangers. It's a new concept. In reality, is webcam dating any different to meeting someone in a night-club, in a mall or in town? The basic principles of webcam dating get members face to face, relying on conversation and getting something closer to the real deal - a real person on the other side of a webcam.

New Chatso members receive a free premium membership. This guarantees the use of Chatso and its full services. Chatso is offering this for a limited time. Here are the features you receive as a premium member:

Unlimited talk time on a speed date.
Send and receive mail with your current and new connections.
Video call your connections at any time.

For more information visit Chatso - the alternative solution to internet dating, thanks to the webcam.

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Chatso (Clevco LLC) is based in Portland, OR and provides and internet based dating solution. Chatso provide a platform where members can seek love and relationships using networking and webcam technology.