FindaThreesum Seeks to Erase Social Stigma and Help Consenting Adults Find Sexual Experiences


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/14/2018 --Gone are the days of dating and meeting romantic partners in cafes, bars, or from mutual friends–and why shouldn't it be the same for finding sexual partners? FindaThreesum, an online, social-networking platform, is seeking to revolutionize adult dating for threesome.

A threesome is commonly known as three individuals engaging in sexual activity, but this can look a variety of different ways. Depending on one's preferences, partners can engage in MMF threesomes (male, male, female), FFM threesomes (female, female, male), or group experiences. Three consenting individuals can come together, but, more often, a committed couple typically invites another individual into the bedroom for this adventurous sexual experience. However, sometimes it is the opposite, where individual men or women looking for couples to engage with.

According to Forbes, a media company and business magazine, one in seven Americans has had a threesome. This inclination towards sexual exploration, however, seems to be a generational trend. Psychology Today released a study that focused on 18-24 year-olds and found that 82% of men were interested in having a threesome; 31% of females indicated the same.

With threesomes becoming more mainstream and accepted, couples are beginning to speak up about the benefits of a menage a trois. Couples that have engaged in a threesome claim the experience helped solidify their trust, love and communication skills. Other couples mentioned it helps keep their relationship—both emotionally and sexually—fresh and exciting.

With websites like, or phone apps like Thrinder, meeting sexual or romantic partners online and through social-networking sites isn't uncommon. However, Threesome Friend Finder takes it a step further and allows users to find other like-minded individuals looking to explore their sexuality and engage in new experiences. The benefit of meeting electronically allows individuals and couples to talk about boundaries and sexual preferences prior to meeting in person.

About FindaThreesum
FindaThreesum simply seeks to remove the social stigma surrounding these types of sexual encounters and helps consenting adults find trusted and compatible partners. This tool also seeks to help couples who may be curious to try threesomes—without having to bring in a personal friend and risk an awkward sexual encounter. Thankfully, due to customization features, individuals of all sexual orientations are free to use and enjoy FindaThreesum's services.

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