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Finding the V Spot in California

Electronic Vapor Lounge adds Vegas type flair to the Vapor world


Thousand Oaks, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/01/2013 --The V spot, Vapor Room…….A Vegas style Lounge without the Booze and cigarettes.. E-Cigs,Vaping,Vapor, what does it all mean?

You may have noticed many retail stores opening up along the popular boulevards in Ventura and Los Angeles advertising E Cig’s or Vapor. That’s because the Ecig business has recently rocked the world with a potential solution and alternative to the “Evils of Smoking”. It is estimated that about 4 million Americans now use the Electronic Cigarettes, and they project sales of the devices to reach $1 billion by the end of this year.

Smokers have tried everything from Hypnosis to Medications with some very high risk of severe side effects to “kick the tobacco habit”. While these ways of quitting smoking may have worked for others, many have found little to no success with these methods. Now they have another choice, Electronic Cigarettes or E-Cig’s, which uses a technology originally invented by Herbert A Gilbert in 1963 then advanced by a Chinese Pharmacist , inventor and smoker Hon Lik who patented the device in 2003. He reportedly invents the device after his father, also a heavy smoker, dies of lung cancer.

An e-cigarette is a battery-powered device that converts liquid into a mist, or vapor, that the user inhales. There's no fire, no ash and no smoky smell. E-cigarettes do not contain the harmful chemicals associated with smoking tobacco cigarettes, such as Ammonia – a common household cleaner, Arsenic – used in rat poison, Formaldehyde – embalming fluid or Tar – material for paving roads.

Some e-cig brands resemble real cigarettes, glowing on the tip when you inhale. Others look like small mechanical cylinders. The choices seem to be endless for those looking for what appears to be a true alternative for those who may be interested in starting to use traditional tobacco products to those who have been smoking for 30+ years. Everything from a $5.00 basic disposable cigarette look a-like to a blinged out, handmade, vapor cloud making machine that could run you close to $1,000.

The many ways to Vape.. You can visit The V Spot in Thousand Oaks and they will show you about 20 options. At The V Spot they offer many different kinds of beautiful colored batteries, tanks and mouth pieces designed to make Electronic Cigarettes effective, customizable and apparently a viable way to quit or never pick up the frowned upon “Smoking Habit”. They also offer over 75 E-Liquid flavors that range from your basic Apple to more complex taste like “The King”, which combines Peanut Butter with Banana and Chocolate.

What are the ingredients in E-liquid?E-liquid contains only a few ingredients. PG based liquids contain mostly propylene glycol, which produces the vapor emitted by the electronic cigarette and it is the carrier of the nicotine, another ingredient in E-liquid (if you choose a liquid with nicotine). Propylene glycol is considered generally safe for human consumption by the FDA, and is an ingredient in many food items that we eat. It is also found in shampoos, soaps, and medicines. (There is an interesting article about propylene glycol listed below.) E-liquid also contains water and artificial flavorings. In rare cases, allergies to PG have been reported, so E-liquids are also sold that do not contain it. They use vegetable glycerin, or VG, which is a plant based substance. VG is used in many products that moisturize and clean the skin and is made from coconut or palm oil. In rare instances, people report allergies to PG and may use VG based E-liquid as an alternative.

E-liquid also contains some natural extracts from tobacco in small amounts and natural flavorings.

About Mitch Katz & Mark Avetissian
Owners Mitch Katz & Mark Avetissian have been enjoying the industry and the people involved. We have regulars coming in to Vape daily, buy juice and accessories or just show off their latest Mechanical Mods and the amount of Vapor they can create with them. Every day someone comes in and shares how they were a 1 to 2 pack a day smoker and haven’t picked up a cigarette in months thanks to the use of these products.We believe in the products and we want to grow the awareness and acceptance of the use of these products locally and nationally.