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Singapore -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/15/2020 --Anyone doing a dropshipping business can easily understand how difficult it is to do product research. Finding a winning product can take hours and sometimes days. The whole process requires a tremendous amount of investment -either it is money, time, or energy.

Our Story:
Our business model was no different than a regular drop-shipper who is always looking to find the products with high margins and popularity in real-time. We spent a lot of time working on the wrong products or the products that were generating some sales, but our profit margin was minimal. At that time, we realized that there must be a tool that can help to make the process of product mining easier, time-saving, and more profitable. After spending a considerable amount of time and effort on research and development, we finally launched our free tool FindNiche.

Why FindNiche:
FindNiche is not just an ordinary product mining tool. Instead, it is based on meticulous research using big data and product analytics from AliExpress that are updated every hour. With this tool, we have found more than 10,000 products possessing more profit margin and less competition, which have helped us in generating a pure profit of $500,000.

Extracting meaningful data from our big raw data of more than two million AliExpress products is super easy. To use our largest eCommerce intelligence database for mining winning products, all you need are a few clicks of the mouse. With tens of available filters, you can choose the product category, Price, Number of Orders, Votes, top-selling countries, shipping country, accepted payment methods, top brands, and the option for faster shipping. Not only that, but you can also filter the products based on the number of people adding them to their wish lists or if the product contains a video or not.

FindNiche, as the name suggests, is not just limited to finding profitable winning products but also the winning niches. Our database contains over 11000 niches with powerful filters for filtering the category, top countries, number of orders, selling price, shipping country, top brands, containing videos, or the availability of PayPal payment method.

We have also added more than 700,000 Shopify stores in our database with their categories, target countries, and rank. The cherry on the top is that you can also get an idea of their Facebook likes and the number of running ads.

About AliExpress
All our product's data is collected directly from AliExpress as first-hand data. Our mission is to make products and niche finding easy for everyone, not just to those who can pay for the expensive tools. Our development team is continuously working to make improvements in the tool. The current goal of FindNiche is to help one million users in finding suitable products and niches on AliExpress.Signup with your email with FindNiche now.