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When it comes to BDA testing in Davie and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Fire Alarm Systems & Security, Inc (FASS) is the right place.


Davie, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/29/2021 --Bi-directional amplifiers send signals for two-way radios within a building. Since most agencies are supported, the local authority should collaborate with the system designers to ensure full coverage through the building, oversee what frequencies are supported, and test the system to ensure compliance and effectiveness.

Like the DAS, A BDA system amplifies cell phone signals throughout a building, tunnel, or other structure. However, unlike the former, it is only made for police, fire, and EMS radios and FirstNet's dedicated public safety spectrum.

In emergencies, these systems ensure that all areas of the building have complete access to the full proof signal. With strong radio signal coverage, emergency officials can efficiently and effectively communicate with each other in dire circumstances and work to resolve the situation.

Fire Alarm Systems & Security, Inc (FASS) is a leading certified tester and certification provider that has earned a reputation for third party verification and annual testing. Each local AHJ has its requirements driven by either the local fire department or other code departments.

There are two types of BDA testing in Davie and Fort Lauderdale, Florida – coverage, and performance. Coverage testing swings from critical to non-critical. Critical areas entail fire control panels, sprinkler control areas, firefighter egress paths, elevator landings, etc., requiring 99% or almost perfect coverage.

Non-critical areas are eligible for 90% coverage. The entire subject area of the construction should be gridded off in 20 to 50-foot grids, and sign strength should be measured for the center of each grid. The FASS experts are fully prepared and equipped with a calibrated spectrum analyzer and documented antenna to measure and record signals.

Performance testing requires a certain level of expertise and skill to exercise the alarms, battery backup, and other salient operation features in a controlled, repeatable test.

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