Firebox Becomes Dealer for The World's Most Expensive Vacuum

The 24k gold plated vacuum from the United States has now crossed the Atlantic. UK consumers can now clean their homes with the golden wonder by GoVacuum thanks to, the UK's exclusive dealer for the GoVacuum GV62711.


Chantilly, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/25/2012 is a US based company which launched the world’s first Million Dollar Vacuum, the GoVacuum GV62711 24k Gold Plated Vacuum Cleaner, in June of 2012. The GV62711 Vacuum is a 24 karat gold plated upright vacuum designed with beauty, extravagance, and full functionality. GoVacuum offers custom laser engraving, and an outer vacuum bag made of mostly any material the customer chooses. is announcing that is now the UK’s official dealer of the GoVacuum GV62711 24k Gold Plated Vacuum Cleaner. Justin Haver the inventor and Vice President of Sales & Marketing for states, “With this one-of-a-kind vacuum, why limit its availability to just one country or continent? We wanted to expand our horizons and offer the great people of the UK a chance to own this extravagant and exclusive machine. Partnering with Firebox as a dealer will help expand it's awareness overseas.” is a website which sells a variety of goods from many different categories but has one category which really stands out. has a WTF?! (What The Firebox) category to list “the top range of mind-blowingly aspirational products aimed at fun-lovers with buttock-dentingly fat wallets. From flying cars and jetpacks to Batmobiles, bikes, and ludicrously luxe gadgets that defy belief,” states the Firebox website.

"The GoVacuum GV62711 24k Gold Plated Vacuum Cleaner certainly belongs with “mind-blowingly aspirational products category. So don’t be surprised if you’re walking down the streets of London and see a guy with a jet pack strapped to his back, driving a Batmobile, with a gold vacuum in its trunk. With a “WTF?!” category, anything is possible.", says Haver.

Have any been sold? "Not as of yet, but I don't think all 100% of the 1% have heard about it, hopefully that will change soon!", Haver adds with sincerity.