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FirmFit Flooring Features Core Made from Limestone, Making It More Stable and Durable


Cheltenham, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/20/2018 --Various features make FirmFit floors a more viable choice compared to other kinds of flooring out there. As a standard, FirmFit floors are waterproof and dent- and scratch-resistant, and they are easy to install as well. But more than this, FirmFit flooring has a core made from limestone, which makes it even more durable and stable for any environment.

The flooring one chooses for one's home is of vital importance, as flooring is supposed to last for many years. With the right type of flooring, any home – and any room in the home – can be extra comfortable and easy to maintain. And while flooring choices can vary, many individuals choose to have vinyl flooring for the simple reason that it's affordable and doesn't require too much maintenance. But for those who would like something even better than standard vinyl, there is a brilliant alternative: luxury vinyl flooring from FirmFit Flooring.

FirmFit Flooring has been able to develop a revolutionary type of vinyl flooring which comes with a number of excellent features that make it different from standard vinyl floors. For one, the floor developed by FirmFit is waterproof, and this makes it a perfect choice for many homes, especially those with pets and children, and this aspect makes it ideal for different rooms as well, including bathrooms, basements, and kitchens.

But another aspect which sets FirmFit floors apart is their resistance to scratches and dents. The flooring is incredibly durable and stable, and one reason for this is the fact that its core is made from limestone, which makes it different from other materials such as WPC. Because of this limestone core, FirmFit floors are ten times more resistant to impact compared to other floors (such as the WPC mentioned above). WPC, while having its own merits, doesn't have a high-density core; in fact, its core is made from low-density material, and it has an open cell core as well.

But there are other features which make FirmFit floors a better choice. It is easy to install and doesn't require sub-floor preparations, and it can easily absorb sound. FirmFit flooring is also stable in terms of sunlight exposure, unlike other flooring such as glue-less luxury vinyl and WPC, and it is stable even with temperature changes and variations. With all these features, it's no surprise that FirmFit floors have become the standard for many.

About FirmFit Flooring
FirmFit Flooring knows exactly what customers want when it comes to durable, highly attractive, long-lasting, and affordable flooring. With its innovative, waterproof, and highly-resistant vinyl flooring, customers couldn't ask for anything more. To get more information about FirmFit's luxury vinyl flooring, visit the website.