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Firmfit Flooring Highlights Top Reasons Why Its Luxury Vinyl Flooring Is Ideal for Sunrooms and More


Dalton, GA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/25/2019 --Luxury vinyl is a type of flooring which has garnered a lot of fans through its years of use in different environments, but it is only now that vinyl has become synonymous with flooring that's ideal for all kinds of rooms, thanks to FirmFit Flooring. With FirmFit's exceptional vinyl flooring, customers can now install vinyl in sunrooms, conservatories, patios, and a lot more.

There are many reasons why luxury vinyl is the top choice in flooring for many, but luxury vinyl, while comprised of various great features, is still not the ideal choice when it comes to rooms which get a lot of exposure to the sun.

Luxury vinyl (also known as LVT or luxury vinyl tiling) is known for being waterproof and incredibly versatile, and it remains a good choice because it is affordable and can last for a long time. Aside from this, it is easy to clean and maintain. FirmFit Flooring says more about LVT: "This material is extremely resilient because it compresses and expands when pressure is applied, rather than the surface cracking. It is also different from conventional vinyl flooring because luxury vinyl does not suffer from discoloration or warping when submerged in liquid."

But FirmFit Flooring also knows that there are some qualities of luxury vinyl flooring which don't make it a good choice for some rooms. For example, LVT is not ideal for rooms which get a lot of exposure to the sun, such as sunrooms, and it can even be susceptible to scratching as well. What's more, LVT or luxury vinyl tiles require acclimation before it is installed, and it isn't suitable for installation in large rooms or areas.

So for those who are looking for luxury vinyl but would like to be sure that it can be installed in sunrooms or areas with a lot of variations in temperature, FirmFit Flooring has just the solution: its very own luxury vinyl flooring which has all the qualities of luxury vinyl but with some valuable exceptions.

The luxury vinyl flooring developed by FirmFit is different from the usual LVT in that anyone can install it in rooms which get a lot of exposure to the sun. Furthermore, FirmFit's own luxury vinyl flooring is not susceptible to scratching – in fact, it is not only scratch-resistant, but it is also resistant to static loads (such as heavy furniture), and it is resistant to high impact as well. These qualities make it a much better choice than luxury vinyl flooring produced by other manufacturers.

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