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FirmFit Flooring Now Comes with Anti-Bacterial Coating, Making It Safe for the Whole Family


Cheltenham, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/20/2018 --There are many features which make up FirmFit flooring, and these features have made it an excellent choice for more and more customers today. But customers will also be happy to know that FirmFit floors are the ideal type of floor for any family, thanks to its anti-bacterial coating, its dent- and scratch-resistance, its waterproof quality, and so much more.

Homeowners and business owners have different choices in terms of flooring - they can opt for traditional wood (which can be quite expensive), vinyl (which can be unstable), or laminate (which is not waterproof). Other customers have gone for WPC, which comes with a variety of merits, but this material isn't stable at different temperatures, and it isn't stable when exposed to sunlight as well. So what can customers choose to make their flooring investment worthwhile? FirmFit Flooring has just the answer.

FirmFit Flooring has come up with the perfect alternative to different kinds of flooring with its FirmFit floors that are not only waterproof and highly-resistant to impacts and dents and scratches, but ideal for the entire family as well.

There are many qualities and features which set FirmFit floors apart from the rest. For instance, it can easily be installed over a large area without any transitions, and it doesn't require acclimation, either. Also, FirmFit floors do not telegraph any imperfections in sub-flooring, and they don't require any sub-floor preparations prior to installation.

But there is another quality which makes FirmFit flooring the ideal option for more customers: the fact that it features an anti-bacterial coating. As FirmFit attests, FirmFit floors are covered with an anti-bacterial finish which has been specially developed to protect the flooring against the buildup of bacteria. In fact, the flooring can eliminate as much as 99% of bacteria which can be harmful to humans – and this alone makes it a great choice for families with young children and pets.

The anti-bacterial finish works by disrupting the metabolism of bacteria, which then prevents the bacteria from converting various nutrients into food or energy. The bacteria cannot survive in this kind of scenario, especially since it cannot reproduce or colonize, and this is what makes FirmFit floors truly remarkable and the best choice for anyone wanting flooring that's safe for the whole family.

About FirmFit Flooring
FirmFit Flooring is fast becoming the flooring provider of choice for numerous customers who are looking for exceptional flooring for their homes and businesses. The flooring developed by FirmFit is not only waterproof, but scratch-resistant, dent-resistant, and stable in different environments and temperatures. For more information on this innovative waterproof flooring, visit the FirmFit website.