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FirmFit Flooring Proven to Be Excellent for Sunrooms, Terraces, and More


Cheltenham, England -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/10/2018 --There may be different kinds of floors, but FirmFit has made its mark when it comes to the highest quality, most innovative, and most durable and attractive vinyl wood flooring. Compared to other floors, FirmFit flooring offers excellent value for money, especially now that it proves to be an excellent alternative for rooms that get plenty of sunlight.

Having a room which gets a good amount of sunlight is always a good thing, as it makes the room look brighter and more vibrant. But sunlight, despite its merits, can affect the flooring of the room, as it can make the flooring's color fade and become duller. For those who have rooms which get a lot of sunlight but don't want to have their flooring discolored over time, there is a handy and versatile solution: FirmFit flooring.

FirmFit flooring was made with sunlight exposure in mind, as it's the type of flooring which can handle copious amounts of sunlight without fading or becoming dull. FirmFit is suitable for rooms which get a lot of sunlight, unlike other flooring solutions which become noticeably lighter as time passes. FirmFit can be installed in rooms such as sunrooms, patios, and terraces, and it can be installed in rooms which get continuous exposure to the sun, such as three-season rooms.

But there are other qualities which make FirmFit flooring the ideal flooring solution for the homes of today. One of the features which set FirmFit floors apart is their waterproof quality. Many customers have chosen to install FirmFit floors in moisture- and damp-rich rooms such as bathrooms and basements as well as kitchens.

So, what exactly is FirmFit flooring, and what makes it an excellent choice? FirmFit flooring is a kind of rigid core flooring made of high-quality vinyl. The flooring is made to look like natural wood, which gives rooms a warm and cozy feel. The structure of FirmFit flooring is similar to LVT, or luxury vinyl tiles, although FirmFit flooring is different from LVT in the sense that its core is comprised of mostly limestone instead of PVC, and unlike products such as WPC or LVT, its core also contains no plasticizers. For those who are not aware, plasticizers are chemical additives which are used for manufacturing PVC, making the material easier to mold and softer. Because of these two distinctions, FirmFit flooring is a much better flooring solution, mainly since it is more rigid and more stable than other flooring.

About FirmFit
FirmFit is a leading supplier of flooring for homes and businesses, with its revolutionary flooring which is sun-proof, water-resistant, hygienic, and more. To get more information about its high-quality vinyl wood flooring, visit the FirmFit website.