First Ever Danish Snow Goggles - Great Quality, Minimalistic Design and Competitive Prices

Successful Danish start-up aims to disrupt the global snow goggle-market - crowdfunding campaign live.


Copenhagen, Denmark -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/12/2018 --The Danish eyewear brand MessyWeekend wants to challenge the established, expensive goggle brands by providing high-quality goggles with a modern design at a much lower price point.

When shopping equipment for a skiing or snowboarding trip the price of a pair of high quality goggles is enough to shock most people. Especially goggles from well known brands can be a costly affair. This inspired the founders of MessyWeekend, Morten Heick and Marc Østerskov, to investigate the option of making cool, high quality goggles which could be sold at a more competitive price. This became the starting point of the follow up to their previous sunglass success, the first ever global and digital goggles brand from Denmark.

Successful disruption of the sunglasses industry

In April 2018, the successful Danish startup MessyWeekend was launched with the mission of disrupting the global, hundred billion dollar eyewear industry by producing and selling handmade, quality sunglasses at a competitive price. The brand started based on the discovery by the founders, Morten Heick and Marc Østerskov, of a big gap between production costs and the selling price of eyewear, suggesting that consumers are paying more than reasonable for their designer sunglasses. This became the starting point for MessyWeekend and their mission; to provide the modern consumer with fashionable, high quality sunglasses at a fair price, challenging the established eyewear brands and disrupting the industry.

And MessyWeekend seems to be onto something. In just a few months they have sold sunglasses in more than 25 different countries and are to launch in Chile here in October .

Entering the global snow goggle market as the first ever Danish goggle-brand

Now the successful startup moves on to disrupt a new market – the global snow goggle market, and becoming the first ever Danish goggle-brand. MessyWeekend is launching high quality goggles at competitive prices. With a price tag of €100 including an extra overcast lense MessyWeekend wants to challenge a market primarily dominated by one big player. Marc explains: "Just as with sunglasses, consumers are charged an extremely high premium because a few big players are dominating the market". Our mission is to provide better value for money with goggles that have the same quality as more expensive brands but are sold at a much lower price. We are developing goggles for all skiers and snowboarders who cares about quality, looking good and their wallet.

High quality, premium Scandinavian design and a good cause

The goggles are carefully developed and combines quality and functionality with a minimalistic design. Marc continues: "It was essential to us that the goggles possess all the needed features for skiing and snowboarding as well as additional features we ourselves would appreciate, for instance XE1™ lens technology, anti-fog ventilation system and coating and full UV400 protection amongst other things. But let's face it,– the looks matters just as much. Therefore we have designed the best goggle in town, available in 8 designs for all conditions. Our Danish roots have brought the Danish minimalistic design philosophy into play, resulting in simple, scandinavian-cool goggles that's goes with your favorite gear".

However, MessyWeekend is not only concerned with selling eyewear, they also want continue trier 1=10 initiative addressing the increasing global challenge with massive amount of plastic waste in the oceans. Therefore, with every product sold, MessyWeekend facilitates the clean-up of 10 kg plastic waste from the Pacific Ocean.

Kickstarter live on October 9th

The MessyWeekend goggles is launching on the global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter on October 9th where super early birds will can buy the goggles at -30% discount. "Until now, we have only invested our own savings into the project, so we're starting out with a Kickstarter campaign to get our global adventure going," affirms Marc.