First Ever Intuitive LED Concert Band, the O'tatmo Lightband, Launches Kickstarter Campaign


Paris, France -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/06/2016 --O'tatmo, the new Paris-based lifestyle design brand for nightlife enthusiasts, has announced the launch of their crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for their flagship product, the O'tatmo Lightband. This innovative LED band is unlike any other wearable visual display device available today, both in design and operation. With original features and inspiring LED interactivity, these bands are set to enhance the concert experience, while also offering an array of potential uses for wearers who want to "embrace their inner rainbows."

These LED bands were designed to provide a solution to concert and festival-goers, as well as dance, cheer, and performance groups, who lacked an intuitive, easy-to-use option when it came to a personal visual lighting device. Before O'tatmo Lightbands, wearers could only control their lighting effects through buttons, an accelerometer-based motion, or remotely.

With O'tatmo, the light shines on instantly when the wearer's hands open, and turns off upon closure. For even more visual possibilities, with a click of the button on the back of the hand the flash pattern changes. To change the color, the user simply has to clap or clench twice, which triggers the proximity sensor and causes the device to react instantaneously. The result is a fun, interactive tool that can be used to elevate any music, dance, or other creative atmosphere with engaging visuals.

These lightbands can also be used once the party is over for a variety of applications, such as feature lights while cycling or skateboarding. The high-quality leather strap makes it easy to wear the lightband while riding, skating, or dancing the night away.

O'tatmo Lightbands are perfect for event promoters, business owners, and artistic groups interested in an original way to encourage brand awareness; the frosted plastic cover can be customized and the flash patterns can be tailored to any team or group.

The design and development team at O'tatmo are asking backers to help them cover the costs of manufacturing and shipping the lightbands. They have already invested in research and development, prototyping, and design. Contributors to the campaign can take advantage of the reduced prices on the O'tatmo Lightbands, which are available only during the Kickstarter campaign.

To learn more about O'tatmo Lightbands or to contribute, visit the Kickstarter page.

About O'tatmo
O'tatmo was founded in 2016 by a team of designers who share a passion for creating a cutting-edge visual experience for music and nightlife enthusiasts. Their O'tatmo Lightband is the first interactive LED wearable device of its kind.