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Zhongshan, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/28/2021 --What is Overmolding and Insert Molding?

Overmolding and Insert Molding are injection molding techniques at First Part used for combining parts like metal and plastic and turning them into a compound, which is an excellent way to make a required mock-up and cost-efficient tools. At First Part, the sturdy injection molding services make these compounds using not only Overmolding but also Insert Molding.


Overmolding includes splitting elements into many materials. The keystone is to force numerous material properties into a more useful part with enhanced aesthetics, grip, biotic potential, and handling properties. The process includes injection molding of a plastic as usual followed by the addition of a new layer of thermoplastic or liquid silicone rubber over a substrate i.e., an injection molded part from earlier.

This is done to make durable, robust and abrasion-resistant parts. Examples of such materials include tool handgrips (e.g. cordless drills and screwdrivers) and personal care products (e.g. shampoo bottles, toothbrushes with rubberized grips and shaving razors).

- Benefits of Overmolding:

1. Waterproof sealing
2. Texture and design versatility
3. Better sound absorption and vibration
4. Cost savings
5. Enhanced ergonomics and so on.

Insert Molding
Insert molding is a similar process but it requires the injection of plastic material into a mold cavity before the plastic injection molding cycle. Moreover, it uses a preformed part—often metal that is loaded into a mold where it is then over molded with a thermoplastic resin to create a final component.

To sum up, the process that is executed, the plastic is melted in the injection molding machine and then injected into the mold after which it cools and solidifies in the final product. This process of injection molding is very short and consists of four stages are Clamping, Injection, Cooling and Ejection. As soon as the ejection process ends, the mold shuts down for the next shot to be injected.

First Part offers a variety of injection molding services like plastic housings. These housings are used in different products like household appliances, electrical appliances, power tools etc. These services are also known to produce products such as buckets, toothbrushes, toys and many medical devices for example syringes. providing high aesthetics and better use.

- Benefits of Insert Molding:

1. Eliminates part assembly
2. Improved part reliability
3. Enhanced part strength
4. Lower part costs
5. Reduced part size and weight

Overmolding and Insert Molding Applications

In the First Part, the Insert Molding and Overmolding abilities are largely applied for:

1. High functional end part-production
A large batch of a single product is made in bulk with high-quality end parts that are functional and honed for industrial and environmental uses.

2. Rapid Prototyping
All of this is done quite conveniently because injection molding guarantees a continuous design, and all the parts are produced from the same mold and the whole process is very affordable in terms of cost and speed.

3. Bridge tooling
With the use of aluminum tooling, over-molding and insert molding can produce small to medium range parts which is a cost-effective method.

4. Complex part manufacturing
It produces complex compounds one after the other in one go with the 'one-shot insert molding technology. one material is injected into a mold to make the initial piece of the product, followed by a second injection. Overmolding on the other hand is a good way to make plastic composites over plastic parts without acquiring multi-machining, adhesive and assembly costs.

Advantages of Overmolding and Insert Molding

1. Precision and High dimensional accuracy
First Part overmolding and insert molding enables the user to create parts with greater accuracy by managing the need for tight tolerances through the plastic over plastic and insert molding.

2. Strength
Insert molded parts are produced in a one-time process that comparatively results in more long-lasting parts than overmolding. Insert molded parts and more strength than parts/components made from the assembly of various parts. Furthermore, the rubber-like TPUs/TPEs materials on the exterior of the molded parts are quite suitable for requirements like impact-absorption and shock dispersal.

3. Part durability
Overmolded parts/components are like to be durable since they are watertight. This enables the user to save the product from moisture hence resulting in a longer lifespan. The parts with metal inserts also benefit from features like improved strength and functions, diminishing the dust and rust overtime. Hence, this makes the products top-notch.

4. Speed
With the use of low costing tools created through alumium, First Part can produce overmolded and insert-molded parts in a short period, perhaps as quick as 7 days.

Therefore, it would be safe to say that one of the best overmolding and insert-molding companies in China which is quite experienced in overmolding and insert-molding. The various benefits the First Part provides to its products further add value to them. This includes the quality and reliability of the products, cost-effectivess and higher output along with the phenomenal in-house capacities. Hence, choose First Part for Insert-molding and overmolding needs.

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