The Happiness Animal

First-Time Author Identifies Five Happiness Muscles and Develops Exercise Program to Enhance Them

First-time author Will Jelbert develops the first dedicated exercise guide to happiness in his newly-launched book “The Happiness Animal”.


Denver, CO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/22/2014 --In a world where many measure their value by their bank balance, appearance and social standing, first-time author Will Jelbert asks, ‘Who’s minding the happiness store?’. Written to provide readers with 25 exercises that build what he calls the five happiness muscles, Jelbert celebrates the September 6th launch of his book “The Happiness Animal”.

A workout for the reader’s spirit, the author asserts that the strength of happiness is dependent on the way one exercises muscles for well-being. Jelbert said of the exercise book and its prioritizing message, “We all have a Happiness Animal in us that needs structured exercises that enhance our five happiness muscles. These muscles have nothing to do with the happiness traps of money, power and fame. Instead, they have everything to do with connection.” Jelbert’s newly-appropriated happiness muscles include tolerance, kindness, honesty, awareness and courage. He adds, “If these muscles atrophy, if we don’t intentionally use them daily, what true happiness can we possibly have? What is our life worth if we cannot speak the language of connection?”

With a pragmatic approach the author applies the latest applied positive psychology research as well as first-hand experience he’s willing to share. He takes the reader through his own trek through career success, lifestyle advantages, divorce, a debilitating accident, and a change of life purpose that concluded in the ability to debunk common happiness myths. Adding to the entertaining nature of the book, fictional ‘anecdotes’ complement each chapter.

Jelbert says, “Happiness isn’t automatic. It took everything I had to figure out how to feel it. I have to be honest, it was a rough road filled with physical, emotional and professional strain but I did it with a lot of help from the right people. And now I hope to help my readers exercise their five happiness muscles without having to go through what I did.”

About The Happiness Animal
“The Happiness Animal” is a book written by Will Jelbert that was released on September 6th, 2014 to support readers in their search for happiness. The book is noted as the first happiness exercise guide in the marketplace.

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