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First Time Event in NYC: One of the Nation's Elite Cheerleading Competitions Comes to the Big Apple in December

Don’t Get Caught on the Sidelines when Competitive Cheerleading Brings a New Level of Cheer During the Holidays


Warwick, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/08/2016 --For the first time, the "Big Apple" will play host to a top caliber national cheerleading competition: Cheer Alliance Championships in collaboration with Cheer & Dance NYC on December 17-18, 2016 at the Jacob Javits Convention Center. The Cheer Alliance, a highly respected collective unit of some of the country's most elite competitive cheerleading programs, has teamed up with NYC metro area-based CNY Cheer, a producer of cheer competitions, and MAD Event Management, a national event producer, to bring this highly prestigious cheerleading competition to the "city". When the competition teams from across the country were asked "where do you want to hold the competition", they responded "NYC".

You may wonder, why should we care about competitive cheerleading?

In a world where today's youth are seeking to identify strong role models who look like them and talk their language, who don't conform to the status quo, who are part of a group that shares similar values and passions, and persevere to rise above and be the best using their natural talent, then we need to care about competitive cheerleading.

"There has long been a misconception that competitive cheerleading is not a sport," says Martha Donato, President of Mad Event Management. "Just yesterday, competitive cheerleading received provisional recognition as an Olympic sport by the International Olympic Committee because of its growing popularity, its athletic discipline and strong youth focus in schools and universities."

Competitive cheerleaders have high academic standing (more than 90%), train on a daily basis, and believe in giving their best not for self-recognition but for the overall success of the team. In a sport where many don't pay attention or take into high regards, these athletes train hard, endure many injuries, believe in teamwork, and shed sweat and tears for the opportunity to compete in something they are so passionate about even when the rest of the world is not watching.

Beyond giving to each other, they are committed to giving back to the community.

The cheerleading teams are frequently involved with community service projects, so much so, that some of the teams will be giving back during their time in NYC. Between practice and competition time (in less than 3 days) some of the teams will be participating in volunteering programs.

National Cheerleading Competition in NYC – Be There to Experience it.

More than 75 teams will be competing over the course of two days. Teams ranging from senior and international Level 5 (super teams) to Levels 1-4 and dance squads. The competition will bring a holistic view of competitive cheerleading showcasing a range of talent from across the country comprised of top competitors and emerging regional newcomers. The competition will host more than 3,000 spectators and be streamed online live on Spectator tickets are still available and may be purchased at The event is supported by Varsity All Star Fashion, the leading gear provider for competitive cheerleading, and a host of regional fashion and beauty suppliers.

Stay current with competition developments on Facebook and @CheerDanceNYC.

About The Cheer Alliance
The organization is a collective unit of some of the country's most elite competitive cheerleading programs with numerous World Champion teams among them. These powerhouse programs work together to bring unique opportunities to their program's participants and the all-star industry.

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About CNY Cheer Company, Inc.
CNY Cheer has been producing cheerleading events for over 20 years including competitions for school, recreation, all-star, and college teams, coaches' conferences, camps, and clinics. CNY Cheer also runs a philanthropic project, Cheer Relief Benefit Fund, to help cheer programs, their families, and facilities who have been affected by a natural disaster or other hardship.

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