Fitbabesclub Offers Accessible Health and Wellness Information and Education for Women

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Wilmington, DE -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/29/2019 --Fitbabesclub has become a hub of information for women looking for advice and guidance on eating well and exercising right. The site offers a wealth of articles and resources, updated consistently with relevant information and accessible articles.

Fitbabesclub covers a broad spectrum of wellness topics, including weight loss, diet and nutrition, exercise and fitness, and yoga and aerobics. Each segment of the site provides quick and easy articles and programs women can adopt into their everyday lifestyle—such as learning lose weight after pregnancy. By combining information from each of the site's core areas, women have everything they need to live well.

Alongside its articles, Fitbabesclub also offer a free e-book, title Diet 101. The book offers a step-by-step, easy-to-follow approach to personal wellness. It's a resource women can use to avoid the pitfalls of yo-yo dieting and other destructive health habits. The book breaks down the approach to understanding food groups, calories, macronutrients, proper exercise and more—all delivered with practical instruction and actionable steps. It's broadly supported by other popular articles, including the Beginner's Guide to Vegan.

Fitbabesclub is the product of Stephanie Ferland and Melissa Weimer. Stephanie Ferland is a former gym trainer and expert in helping women design an exercise regimen around their fitness goals. Melissa Weimer is a nutrition expert who has helped thousands of women lose weight and maintain their weight loss through personalized diet planning.

"We want to empower women with more than just fad tips and motivational images. Our goal is to give them the information and resources they need to affect real change in their lives," said Ferland.

"We're continually on the cutting edge of current diet and exercise science, bringing the best possible information and insights to our followers," said Weimer. "We want Fitbabesclub to be the brand women trust when they're working hard to improve their personal wellness. We're here for them every step of the way."

In addition to its frequently-updated website, Fitbabesclub also maintains an active and engaged social media presence. The brand has a strong following on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

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About Fitbabesclub
Fitbabesclub is operated by fitness gurus Stephanie Ferland, an ex-gym trainer, and Melissa Weimer, a nutrition expert. The two combine their expertise to help other women achieve a balanced approach to health and wellness. The goal of Fitbabesclub is to provide useful fitness guides for females who want to live a sound, healthy life.