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Fitness Tracker Book Changes Company Name to Tracker Book

The company's new name signifies the diversification of its product line to include two additional log books, Project Tracker and Money Tracker, alongside its original and signature product, Fitness Tracker.


Denver, CO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/14/2013 --Fitness Tracker Book, an independent publisher of log books founded in 2012 and based in Denver, Colorado, has changed its name to Tracker Book. The name change signifies the company’s aim to diversify its product line beyond its original signature product, Fitness Tracker. The company has also changed its website domain to coincide with the company name change. The new website is

Explains company founder and owner Mark Walters: “The name Fitness Tracker Book served the company well for the first year, but now that we are working to diversify the product line, we decided to drop the ‘Fitness’ from the company name to simply ‘Tracker Book.’”

The debut of Fitness Tracker 2013-14 Exercise Log in November 2012 was followed soon by the company’s second product, Project Tracker 2013-14 Time Log & Goal Setter, a month later in December 2012. The company’s diversifying product line continues with a third product offering, Money Tracker 2-Year Budget & Finance Log, slated for release in early December 2013. “Now that we will have three tracking books in our product line, the name ‘Tracker Book’ better encompasses our product line and identifies the company as a maker of various log books rather than simply by its signature product, Fitness Tracker,” explains Walters.

In another important product development, the company is set to release an updated and reformatted version of Fitness Tracker in early November 2013. This new edition of Fitness Tracker features a smaller 9.5” x 6.5” size, 33% more compact than the first edition, and allows users to more closely track points weekly instead of simply monthly. “The smaller size of Fitness Tracker will offer a more personalized fitness tracking experience,” says Walters. The product retains the simple 6-level fitness points system but offers larger boxes for tracking fitness, improved graphics, and additional text, including a review of dietary fundamentals.

Customers can order Tracker Book products directly from the company’s website, which features SSL security certificate for safe transaction via PayPal. Additional features of the website include quarterly newsletter articles on health and fitness topics, Tracker Book product features, tips for consistent exercise, and (soon) productivity and money management. Visitors can also download free PDFs of planning documents, including equipment checklists, list of books read, and weightlifting logs.

Besides for sale on its own website, Tracker Book plans to distribute the new Fitness Tracker and Money Tracker books for sale online on Because the books will be distributed from Amazon’s fulfillment centers, they will qualify for free shipping.

In recognizing the need to promote health among larger groups of people, such as a group from work, wellness center, or school, Tracker Book offers bulk discounts on orders of 10 or more books. To facilitate the use by groups, all Tracker Book products can be personalized by writing in one’s name on the back cover stripe.

The company has not released pricing information at this time for its two upcoming products, Fitness Tracker 2-Year Exercise Log with Points and Money Tracker 2-Year Budget & Finance Log.