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Fitsko: Where Fitness for Kids Meets Mobile Gaming


Moldova, Europe -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/02/2016 --As many parents know, feeding kids broccoli and keeping them active is the right recipe to keep them fit… but it's never so easy. In fact, 1 in 3 children in the US is overweight or obese!

Fitsko tracks kids' diet, physical activity, weight and screen time through sensors, pictures and even games, so that parents can receive extended support from the app or from their trusted physician without spending time and efforts on boring data entry operations! But Fitsko also rewards kids automatically and immediately to encourage them to adopt healthy behaviors.

When kids eat healthy food and play actively, they'll earn HealthBucks, credits that can exchanged for real rewards, donated for charity or used in dozens of games and apps to buy screen-time and in-game assets (the ones that are usually bought by parents using real money!).

Natalia Zlatin, mom and community manager of Fitsko says, "Everything started the exact day when my daughter asked to have some chocolate at dinner while playing an iPad game! Fitsko helps parents like me encourage their kids to live healthy lives. It's full of tips on how to improve kids' health based on real data."

"75% of the parents we have interviewed reported that game developers should enable parents to limit the time kids play their games! We want to do something better, not just enabling kids to play games just if they deserve it, but making their gaming experience even more interesting if they adopt healthy behaviors!"

The Fitsko team is currently preparing for the closed beta, which will begin in February 2016. Families and physicians can work in sync with Fitsko to improve a groundbreaking app for kids' fitness! Feedback is more than encouraged — it's requested!

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About Fitsko tracks kids
Fitsko tracks kids aims to help children get fit while having fun. It is the perfect solution to make the world a healthier place for children.

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