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Five Amazing Gift Card Solutions for Small Retailers founder Jeffery Lakes says gift cards are a bonanza for small retailers to unlock significant equity pinned up at their points-of-sale that his company can help them tap into.


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/03/2015 --Today,, Inc. announces an extensive an extensive suite of services and incentives designed to help America's small retailers fully capitalize on gift cards and grow their businesses.

Without question, technology disproportionately favors big-box and online retailers over small merchants. However, small retailers aren't just losing market share because they lag technologically – they're also losing market share because of counter-intuitive decision-making. What else can possibly explains most small retailers being outside the loop of the of the one product that makes doing retail business easier? For almost a decade, major retailers have been selling fit cards – and reaping many benefits from acquiring more customers to increasing average sales tickets, just to name a few. Today, the U.S. gift card industry exceeds $120 Billion in annual sales – and continues its robust growth as digital commerce evolves. In contrast, small retailers are lagging terribly the curve in the gift card space to its overall market share. In fact, it wouldn't be surprising if small retailers' gift card share lags behind the secondary gift card market sector headlined exchange sites such as and that buy 'unwanted' cards from the original recipients to resell often for less than load-on value. is transforming the realm of small retailers by introducing gift card initiatives that enable small retail operators to take charge of their missed profit opportunities. According to the company's website, "small retailers selling five $25 gift cards typically see an additional $45,000 in annual revenues." Company founder Jeffery Lakes says: "$45,000 is a tremendous amount of equity to have locked up in any merchant's point-of-sale; however, for small retailers, it's easily the difference between hiring more staff or getting caught up in a perpetual cycle of merchant cash advances just to stay afloat."

To this, brings to market five solutions and incentives designed not only to get small retailers' into the 'big-game' of gift cards, but also to support them on the playing field, as follows:

(1) Free merchant account statement analysis complete with $50 gift card for participation – No obligation
(2) Buying one $25 gift card from small retailers to 'jumpstart' their gift card sales
(3) Free gift card (hosting) program setup, including card stock, signage and training
(4) Expert gift card marketing and promotional services to drive sales and customer acquisition
(5) 'Card-for-Card' gift card exchange that converts recipients of 'unwanted' gift cards into customers of small retailers

These services and incentives are great methods for getting America's small retailers to their next levels of success and sustainability.

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