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Five Boro Mold Specialist Inc. Warns Public About Scandalous Hurricane Sandy NYC Mold Inspection and Mold Removal Companies

With the Number of Mold Inspections in NYC Increasing With the Temperature, Pollen Count, and Heat This Summer Has Created Many New Opportunities for Inexperienced Mold Removal Companies to Take Advantage of Unsuspecting Home Owners, Tenants, and Property Owners.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/26/2013 --With most disasters and catastrophes there are always predatory actions taken by opportunistic people and business owners looking to cash in on other peoples hard times. Some of these people and business owners are simply trying to make an honest buck, while others are looking to make a killing by simply screwing people over in numerous ways, one of the most popular being a construction related service provider or contractor. As there has been a tremendous amount of media exposure pertaining to Hurricane Sandy clean up, repair, and re-building efforts has caused an increase in reports about unlicensed, uninsured, inexperienced, and fraudulent companies taking advantage of less informed citizens of New York City. The largest of these service providers or contractors that have been experiencing the highest amount of complaints filed with officials, have been for mold remediation and mold removal services.

There has also been numerous mold removal workshops held throughout the city over the past few months, many of the residents whom have attended and implemented these supposed official mold removal protocols with no success. Many homeowners and tenants have been seeking out alternatives such as professional mold inspection and mold remediation assistance from accredited and certified mold removal companies. As so many are in need of mold removal assistance just to have habitable living conditions, one NYC mold removal company by the name of Five Boro Mold Specialist Inc., recently started a new Hurricane Sandy Mold Relief Fund for low income families struggling with toxic mold issues.

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Five Boro Mold Specialist Inc. is a twenty year veteran and pioneer in the New York City environmental industries, providing indoor air quality and NYC mold inspection and mold removal services as an established, licensed, registered, insured, and bonded company serving NYC and other surrounding areas.

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