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Five Boro Mold Specialist- Toxic Mold Invading Staten Island, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Long Island NY

Staten Island Mold Inspection company, Five Boro Mold Specialist, Launches Superstorm Sandy Mold Relief Fund for New York City Residents Struggling With Serious Mold Cleanup.


Brooklyn, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/27/2013 --Motty Katz, of Five Boro Mold Specialist, saw the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, and new something had to be done to rescue his community from the toxic mold that threatened to destroy it. His brainchild, the “Hurricane Sandy Toxic Mold Relief Fund” provides relief for low income homeowners with no recourse between denial by their insurance companies and the laws and red tape that prevent FEMA assistance for Hurricane Sandy Relief.

Five Boro Mold Specialist- Toxic Mold Creeping Throughout New York City

Destruction and flooding were left behind from Hurricane Sandy, and thousands of NYC homes were damaged. In its wake, an abundance of toxic mold infestations has thrived and grown. Homeowners who applied to insurance companies were often denied coverage for damage from the “Super Storm,” and FEMA, by law, cannot cover damage to a property that goes above the level of the waterline, if at all. Mold has no respect for waterlines, and can overwhelm a home before assessments are complete and repairs are started. Damaged homes cannot receive passing home inspections required by banks for loans, leaving low income homeowners with no options for starting anew. Until, that is, Motty Katz came up with a superb idea – the “Hurricane Sandy Mold Relief Fund!”

The “Hurricane Sandy Mold Relief Fund” provides funds and services to re mediate mold from low income family homes. Katz and the Five Boro Mold Specialist technicians are part of the process, donating time, money and labor to help the community. They have already helped over 50 low income homeowners save their homes. Low income home owners who need help can apply for assistance at the fund’s website or by email. Concerned citizens of New York City can contribute to safeguarding NYC from a severe toxic mold pandemic by making a donation to the “Hurricane Sandy Mold Relief Fund” to help low income and struggling home owners, property owners, and renters.

Because of Five Boro Mold Specialists tremendous depth of experience, Katz and his mold inspections and mold remediation firm offer a prestigious 2 year warranty of their work. Customers know this is one of the perks they get in exchange for their loyalty, and due to the severity of Hurricane Sandy damage. New York City’s health and prosperity is resting on it's citizens to take action, and on good citizens like Motty Katz and the technicians of Five Boro Mold Specialist are setting a great example for people to follow.