Tellaerian Industries

Fixing the Future, the Tellearians, Volume 1, the End of Peace, Is Just the Beginning

The Tellaerians, Volume 1: The End of Peace is just the beginning for Tellaerian Industries, LLC (TILLC); a company committed to achieving rapid growth and pioneering business and technology changes that will fix and transform the future for generations to come, starting now.


Littleton, CO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/30/2013 --TILLC is blurring the line between fiction and reality and building a robust, futuristic focused, industry driven company on a fictional story platform. The basis for TILLC’s company platform is the 5 part Tellaerian book series. In the next 6 weeks TILLC will campaigning to sell over 4 million copies of The Tellaerians, Volume 1: The End of Peace. The profits from this effort will be used to fund TILLC’s industry focused growth and investment strategy. An on-line auction to sell the book and movie rights to the first volume in the 5 part Tellaerian book series is scheduled for July 9th. 100 Collectors’ copies of volume 1 will be auctioned off on Ebay starting June 1st. Book purchase and auction details are provided on the Tellaerian Industries website at

The Tellaerian book series is being developed for the young adult and fiction reader as an alternative to dark future fiction. It provides readers with a modern day story series that inspires technological advancement, scientific exploration, courage, honor, and respect. Since its release, award-winning, Volume 1 of The Tellaerians series has captivated audiences of all ages. The Tellaerian book series and Tellaerian Industries are a collaborative effort between award winning author and Tellaerian Messenger Craig M. Reisinger and Tellaerian Industries CEO Darcelle Mattson. According to Ms. Mattson, Tellaerian Industries is answering the call to “take the lead and spearhead a thinking and doing revolution that reignites the U.S. economy by breaking down unsustainable, imbalanced, manufacturing averse/service heavy business models and uses technological advances to create new opportunities for U.S. based industrial growth and innovation driven change.” TILLC’s fictional foundation is a first to market approach that will enable TILLC to use revenues from its book series to partner with technology, manufacturing, and service companies to develop life enhancing, futuristic, Tellaerian branded product and service solutions.

TILLC is committed to flipping the non-sustainable business models of today on their heads and developing a streamlined business model that rewards talent and efficient productivity, maximizes using and developing virtualization technologies, reduces non-productive overhead costs and executive salaries, and creates a balanced blend between manufacturing and service related activities. Profits from TILLC’s initial book sales effort will be used to:

Create real skill based jobs for present and future generations.

Fund collaborative partnerships designed to help virtualization technology and manufacturing companies grow, expand, and change the way work is performed now and in the future.

Work with enterprising individuals to help fund and launch new ideas and businesses.

Purchase and build Tellaerian Ranch; a 35 acre sustainable energy, farming and production site, and homestead for the horses of Tellaeria.

Develop, market and distribute the 5 volume Tellaerian story series along with the Horses of Tellaeria series and the Dragons of Tellaeria series over the next 2 years.

Begin funding the Tellaerian Children’s Protector Fund; a private fund dedicated to providing housing, learning, and developmental opportunities to abandoned and unwanted children and keeping siblings together.

By 2033, Tellaerian Industries will be a household name through the development and distribution of Tellaerian Industries branded products and services.

About Tellaerian Industries
Tellaerian Industries, LLC (TILLC) is a customer-centric, product and services solution company that is uniquely positioned to leverage its fictional story platform to create a robust mix of real and futuristic product and service offerings. TILLC has an unwavering commitment to pioneering the successful company of the future; a company that values and rewards brilliance and creative genius and breaks down barriers to industrial and technological innovation and change.