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Fleetwood Mac on Tour Again as Fans Flock to Sold-out Concerts

Fleetwood Mac touring again with Christine Mcvie to sold -out venues across North America! Ticket outlets are trying to keep up with the supply and demand.


Delray Beach, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/15/2014 --Fleetwood Mac is touring again to sold-out venues across North America and fans just can’t get enough of this iconic band! Evidently many are willing to pay hundreds of dollars to see a band that peaked in the in the 70’s and have survived many of the pitfalls of getting stuck in a genre that is here today and gone tomorrow. A lot of the music the band created revolved around the failed relationships of members in the band so fans could really relate to them as one of their own and their songs would become a signature of a moment in time for them.

Fleetwood Mac played to a full house at the Prudential Center in Newark, N.J. on Sat Oct 11 and played two nights earlier the same week at Madison Square Garden. This time was different though! Unlike the two nights show they did at the Garden last year this one would have the return of singer song writer Christine McVie.

McVie left the band and the music industry altogether after a successful reunion 1997-1998 and moved back to Britain. Song writer and guitarist Lindsey Buckingham told Radio.com in late 2012 “She ended up getting a divorce and sold her home in L.A and moved back to England, she quit the band and sold her publishing. “ He added, I would be shocked if she ever expressed any interest to do anything with us. Shocked and pleased.”

About Fleetwood Mac
In a time when music has been dumb downed to simple rhythms about one night stands and big booty’s in night clubs there is still a hunger for good song writing about real people and serious relationships. It is because of this the Fleetwood Mac or as we used call them “The Mac” has survived all these years and has become one of the most successful groups in America. Many of the shows have been sold-out and cheap tickets are hard to come by. TicketListers.com had some of the best pricing (after factoring in promo code TL116) online with a good inventory. Now if we could have only gotten Led Zeppelin to tour after their 2007 O2 one- off show! Oh, I must be dreaming.