MyReviewsNow Shop At Home Introduces A Multi-Purpose Home Improvement Product

Flex Seal is a simple product designed to be used by all ages for home improvement. When other tools fail to meet expectations, Flex Seal can overcome the challenge and fix multiple problems around the house.


Dallas, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/25/2011 --MyReviewsNow Shop At Home showcases the Flex Seal versatile home improvement product designed to fill cracks in materials, prevent the loss of hot or cold air from the house, and stop leaks. Flex Seal is easy to use for homeowners of any age, and the durable rubber spray can replace an expensive professional's repairs.

Flex Seal is a rubber sealant kept in a liquid state within its can. A user simply shakes the can prior to use, sprays a layer across the problem area, and allows Flex Seal to dry. The sealant's liquid state allows it to flow deep into cracks and seams. Several coats may be applied to fill larger holes or for extra security against water.

This home improvement product will typically become dry to the touch within two to three hours after application, and Flex Seal should completely cure within 24 hours. Exact drying times will be affected by the ambient temperature, the humidity, and the thickness of the Flex Seal application. However, Flex Seal will become stronger as it dries.

After Flex Seal has completely dried, the surface can be painted. Another layer of sealant may also be applied on top of the first coat. Flex Seal will not crack, peel away from the existing material, or lose any of its water resistance for years. Although customers may have seen Flex Seal's water resistance demonstrated on commercials, the sealant is also relatively resistant to normal heat and temperature variations.

Flex Seal will adhere to interior surfaces such as dry wall, fabric, and tile. The home improvement product will also bond with exterior materials like cement, concrete, masonry, and vinyl. Flex Seal may also be applied to numerous other surfaces around the home.

Homeowners may apply Flex Seal to cold or wet surfaces, but it may take longer to fully dry. A thicker layer of Flex Seal is recommended for non-dry surfaces as some of the sealant may be washed away. Although Flex Seal will bond with a variety of surfaces, a material will typically have the strongest bond if it was clean and dry before the sealant was applied.

Some possible uses for Flex Seal could be plugging holes in the roof, coating leaky pipes, or sealing the perimeter of doors and windows. Gardeners can spray Flex Seal on cracked pots, and campers can repair tent rips. Do-it-yourself homeowners will find Flex Seal to be a versatile tool in their arsenal that can cover up some of duct tape's shortcomings.

Although Flex Seal will stand up to normal water pressure and rainfall, it is not designed for deep submersion. Homeowners should not spray Flex Seal on a surface that may come in contact with drinking water such as a thermos or water tank. The Flex Seal home improvement product may be used on automobiles and other vehicles, but Flex Seal should not be sprayed near gasoline tanks or other potentially combustible locations.

Flex Seal is not found in any retail stores, and customers can only purchase it online or by phone. Customer service representatives are standing by from Monday to Friday.

Flex Seal is currently offering a buy one and get one free deal on large cans of the home product. Customers may purchase a single large can of Flex Seal for $19.99 with $9.95 postage and handling, and the company will send one additional large can for free if the customer pays separate postage and handling.

Customers have up to 30 days to return any unused cans of the sealant for a full refund. Flex Seal only asks that customers request a return authorization number, include all original packaging, and mail the unused cans to the company's designated shipping point.

For further information regarding Flex Seal and other home improvement products, please visit Shop At Home.