Flip PDF by FlipBuilder Comes Up as an Engaging Mac Magazine Maker

People do not like to read boring dull PDF magazines. Rather they might find it interesting and informative to browse and read the interactive magazines.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/05/2017 --Magazines are vital for every business that aims to sell products. It would certainly boost the marketer if he could make his magazine interactional, with bright visuals, and if it is compatible with Android enabled and Apple devices too.

As a solution to this, FlipBuilder has come up with interactive Mac magazine maker, Flip PDF that allows the marketer to convert boring PDF magazines into interactive magazines on Mac.

What does Flip PDF aim to do?

The Mac magazine maker allows users to create a magazine that is interactional and visually appealing. Users would not need to know coding or programming to transport the files and make them interactive with rich media and video inserts.

Flip PDF aims to engage the reader or user with the published magazines. The reader can navigate through the magazine easily on all devices, thanks to its HTML5 platform. It can also help the users to bring out the output in any format, they so desire.

How is this Mac magazine maker a game changer?

The Mac magazine maker from FlipBuilder is indeed one-step ahead with all the features, and besides being compatible with all devices, marketers can share it online on social media too and get SEO analytics by integrating Google Analytics with it.

So, from the marketing team's point of view, the software is going one step forward by going for easing digital marketing scene. Likewise, those eager to build and promote brand identity through their magazines can also get to customize their logo and have it on every page.

With so many features already, the marketers shall like it if the magazines also reward good returns by offering an e-commerce platform. This is where Flip PDF tops the game by offering an option of making an online purchase option available.

In short, this tool can go beyond just creating a magazine by urging the readers to shop right from there even.

About FlipBuilder
Winston Zhang, the CEO of FlipBuilder has conceptualized and visualized the future of marketing with Mac magazine maker that also brings in revenue by making magazines interactive. For more information, please check out FlipBuilder site.