Flip PDF Provides Shopping Cart Functions for Selling Page Flipping eBooks

Users of flipbook creating software can now sell their e-books using a shopping cart feature integrated into FlipBuilder.com’s software BookCase.


Guangzhou, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/05/2013 --A creator, publisher, and retailer of flipbook converting and publishing programs, FlipBuilder.com has added the Shopping Cart feature to the BookCase contained in its software. Many people who use the software sell their e-books online. They can do so directly via BookCase by setting up their PayPal account; the payment process occurs automatically through the interface.

The first step is to create a flipbook by importing a PDF file into Flip PDF or Flip PDF Pro software. Users then need to choose a template or design to create a unique page-flipping e-book. Once completed, the flipbook can be uploaded to the Internet - to be exact on the FlipBuilder Server. An account needs to be created first, and then users can simply log on with their email and password. Once connected, users can define the book title and click on “Sell this book online,” to get started.

To continue, the user must click “I want to sell this eBook online,” on the next screen. The sales function is integrated with PayPal by clicking “Account Setting.” Another option allows readers to see previews of the book before they buy it; the exact number of pages available for viewing can be set directly from the interface. In the subsequent “Account Setting” screen, the email one wants to receive payment through is set, as can be a thank you message to buyers and personal contact details.

The BookCase itself is accessed from the software. From the interface, users can customize the look of this feature and change tool bar, book, and BookCase Display settings. It is then possible to manage and upload e-books directly from the software, simply by clicking “Manage Online Books”. Book details can be changed here as can be shopping information, while external online e-books can be added too. The “Upload Online” button commands the system to publish the bookcase to a specified URL. BookCase can be displayed on a website or embedded into any kind of webpage.

Book information is clearly displayed in BookCase. People can see the title, page count, price, and summary, all settable from the software interface. The feature provides a realistic-looking book shelf where people can share their e-books. For more information on this function and the software in general, please go to http://flipbuilder.com/flip-pdf/.

About FlipBuilder.com
FlipBuilder.com is a part of Wonder Idea Technology Limited, founded in 2008 in Hong Kong, and now an established provider of digital publishing and business software. The company’s software allows for the conversion of almost any type of document into page-flipping e-books. Users with any level of experience can create e-books, magazines, newspapers, brochures, corporate reports, product catalogs, and much more.