Flip PDF Software Company Introduces Easy Way to Display Page Flip Book on Facebook

Users of software from FlipBuilder.com can now embed page-flipping e-books into their Facebook pages by following the appropriate steps and entering the codes.


Guangzhou, GuangDong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/24/2013 --FlipBuilder.com has announced that users of its flipbook-making digital publishing software can now embed their creations into their Facebook pages. This enables followers to view the book directly; it is not necessary to go to another website to read an e-book. Sharing a URL requires the reader to go to another site, costing more time and driving them away from useful content already contained on the Facebook profile.

There are many useful applications for embedding a flipbook on a Facebook page. For example, a business that has designed advertisements of products into the flipping book can advertise these products via the social media site, where people are already searching and interacting. In addition, self-publishers can have a centralized location to showcase their work. Their e-books can be displayed on personal pages, instead of another website readers have to first get to before they can see the latest book.

Also, companies publishing newsletters are increasingly finding flipbooks to be engaging to readers. Many businesses maintain an official Facebook page. They can now convert the newsletter to a flipbook and share it on Facebook. There are many more applications which benefit from putting an e-book on social media, one of the things the flipbook software was designed to address. It is important to remember, however, that each one should be uploaded to the company’s FlipBuilder server, or any other website server, and get a URL of the flipbook.

Flipbook URLs can then be integrated into the appropriate codes to embed the readable products into Facebook. Another important step is to log in to Facebook, and look for and download the Tradable Bits plug-in. Next, users need to create a page, and click “Add Tabs ->HTML” to proceed further. The code can then be edited within the HTML box of the Edit iFrame App, within which the e-book link should be copied to replace the Param Value. By clicking on “save changes”, users can preview the e-book they inserted, and then press “Add to Facebook”.

To learn more about how to add a flipbook to a Facebook profile page, follow the instructions detailed at http://flipbuilder.com/support/how-to-show-your-created-flip-book-in-facebook-page-directly.htm.

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