Flip PDF Software Is Upgraded with Shopping Cart Service for Selling Page Flipping Digital Magazines


Guangzhou, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/26/2013 --Flip PDF and Flip PDF Pro from FlipBuilder.com now feature the company’s Shopping Cart Service so users can easily sell their e-books, magazines, and more on the Internet. Customers now have two different ways to sell their creations, enabling them to monetize on their flipbooks converted from basic PDF files. They can sell e-books on a personal website or via popular sites such as eBay, Google Base, Craigslist, and more.

There are two main ways users can sell their e-books with the Shopping Cart Service. One is to embed the “Buy Now” button anywhere a potential customer can see it. Users can simple copy and paste the HTML code for the buttons for the specific e-book anywhere. Clicking on the button with the mouse will lead to an online shopping cart where the product can be purchased.

Another way to sell e-books online is by using the BookCase, an electronic form of a realistic looking book case. By using this feature, people can post multiple e-books where they can be easily seen. It provides for an attractive visual presentation and an effortless way to sell, as buyers can simply click on the specific e-book to get to the shopping cart.

Using the Shopping Cart Service involves just a few simple steps. Once the PDF file is imported into the software, templates are chosen, and the user adds the required design elements, the e-book can then be published online. This is accomplished by clicking on the “Upload Online” button to publish the e-book onto the company’s own FlipBuilder Server. First, one must sign into their account or create a new one. The book title can then be defined; click on the “Sell this book online” option, under the title, onscreen to specify the shopping method.

To complete the process, the user must then click on “I want to sell this eBook online” within the Modify Book window. By clicking “Account Setting” they can integrate a PayPal account, while another option is available for allowing readers to preview the e-book prior to purchasing it. In addition to setting the price manually, users can specify how many pages will be available to preview. When the e-book is published, it can be shared on social media or via email, or added to websites by copying the “Buy Now” button code onto web pages.

The Shopping Cart Service provides e-book sellers with a more convenient way to sell their products, saving them time and making flipbooks more available to consumers. For more details on this feature, go to http://flipbuilder.com/bookcase/ebook-selling.html.

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