Flipbook Creating Software from 3DPageFlip, Ltd. Helps Save Resources

Flipbook creating software from 3DPageFlip, Ltd. provides convenient conversion and multimedia tools, and also enables users to save resources and help protect the environment.


Guangzhou, Guang Dong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/10/2013 --The flipbook creating software from 3DPageflip, Ltd. provides business and home users with many tools to easily produce e-books out of common file types. Another perk to it is the ability for users to save many resources in their home or business. The software enables users to create e-books with realistic page flipping effects with multimedia and web links, plus much, much more. And 3D PageFlip Professional is the hottest product selling on its website.

An e-book is a superior convenience in the modern digital era. A great deal of space is saved as the user does not have to fill shelves with physical books, or require space to store paper. There is also no need to carry around heavy loads of books. An e-book is an electronic file so it is stored on a hard drive or the Internet. Better yet, it can be distributed through common online channels – uploaded to a website, saved on USB drive or CD, or posted on a social media profile. It is also much cheaper than a traditional book, since fewer materials are needed to produce one. Publishers, therefore, save a lot of money and space.

Flash-based flipping e-books also reduce the usage of paper. This is not only economical for the company and consumer. It helps saves forests and the environment. Over many years, vast forest reserves have been depleted because trees have been cut down to make an unnecessary amount of paper. The consequences have been drastic. In addition to having a better environment overall, publishing e-books save companies money in other ways. They do not need extra space to store physical books and related materials; and they do not need to transport products by road, rail, or air.

Also beneficial is the ability of an e-book to include richer material, via use of specialized software. With software from 3DPageFlip, users can add links, videos, images, sound, and many other multimedia elements. These actually enhance the content, making it more attractive and engaging to readers. Publishers find that e-books help increase web traffic and sales on other products.

The 3DPageFlip business group suggests that, in addition to using flipbooks to boost recognition and sales, these tools are a highly effective way to save resources inside the company and in the environment. It is the shear scope of industries in which the software can be used that makes these facts so prominent. Flipbook creating software can be used for online libraries, online classrooms, distance education, and to administer online exams – applications which have in the past consumed enormous quantities of paper.

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Flipbook conversion software from 3DPageFlip, Ltd allows users to produce resource-saving e-books, magazines, brochures, and more with realistic page flipping effects, 3D Flash, links, images, videos, and other multimedia elements. Suitable for business or personal use, the company’s software is applicable in all industries. Customer service is available to buyers before and after sales, and experts are on hand to answer any question regarding the flipbook software.