FlipBook Creator Enables Designers to Share Their Flash Flip Publications in Multiple Ways

With the FlipBook Creator software, users can share digital flipbooks in four different ways. They can publish it to a website, email the flipbook, share it via social media, or upload one to the digital flash bookcase on the company website.


Guangzhou, Guang Dong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/01/2013 --FlipBook Creator, a digital software tool for designing and publishing page-flipping e-books, magazines, and more, allows users to share their publications in four different ways. These all enable one to share the digital flipbook with friends, customers, and a range of audiences anywhere in the world.

Users can first create flipbooks in Flash/HTML5 format and publish them on a website. The most frequently used way to provide access for readers, this method entails publishing the e-book on a web server. They can also decide on the book’s URL, keywords, and description to follow SEO rules and get the content ranked on popular search engines.

It is also possible to e-mail the flipbook directly from the software. Once the e-book is created and customized, users can e-mail it by entering the address of their choice. Flipbooks do not need to be output to a local folder; all one has to do is log into an Outlook account and the function will enable the software to act as an e-mail program.

Another popular strategy is to use the Social Share feature. Users can set the Social Share button to be available so that, after the book is uploaded online, anyone can click to share the flipbook on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. By using this function, the URL is shared on the profile page. Readers must click on this to open and read the e-book.

In addition, there is the digital Flash bookcase, accessible from the software and to which flipbooks are stored on the FlipPageMaker.com server. Users can upload flipbooks to here while readers can purchase and download them. Also included in the program is table of content creation, audio text, and Google Analytics integration. A number of multimedia features are also available. With the flexibility of creating an e-book and sharing one, FlipBook Creator is a software program a business and individual can take advantage of. More information on the software and flipbook sharing is available at http://flippagemaker.com/flippingbook-maker/.

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