FlipBook Creator Introduces Security for Page Flip Books in .ZIP and .EXE Output Types

A special security feature has been added to FlipBook Creator digital publishing software, allowing users to password-protect their .ZIP and .EXE flipbooks, FlipPageMaker.com has announced.


Guangzhou, GuangDong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/12/2013 --FlipBook Creator, a software program that lets users convert files into page-flipping e-books and output them in various formats, has added a new form of security for documents. The security can be set to apply to .ZIP and .EXE output types. People selling flipping e-books often output their creations in these formats, so the company is offering a more secure, password-protected output for e-books.

The security feature is suited for users producing flipbooks for commercial purposes. Electronic books, magazines, and more can be kept protected during production, while password access can be granted to customers who purchase a book, magazine, catalog, or more. Internal company documentation can also remain protected and accessible to only those who have the right passcode.

Establishing security is simple. The .ZIP or .EXE output type can be selected in the output interface. The user then checks “Need password to open publication…” and the password for the output file can then be set. Expiration dates can be chosen for passwords in the .EXE format. Once readers attempt to open the file, they will be prompted to enter a password to see the e-book.

The new security method allows users to add a password to the specific output file. The old method required users to add a password to the flipbook in the Design Setting panel via “Security Settings”. Passwords could only be set for each individual page of the flipbook. Now they can be set for the entire file. Setting the desired password is now as simple as using the software output interface. Users set and confirm the code and save the setting to apply the security function.

To learn more about the new output security function and other features of FlipBook Creator, visit the product page located at http://flippagemaker.com/flippingbook-maker/.

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