Flipbook Creator Is Software to Meet Needs of Mobile Readers

FlipPageMaker.com, creator of versatile digital publishing software for homes and businesses, has announced Flipbook Creator’s simple tools to create e-books for reading on mobile devices.


Guangzhou, Guang Dong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/19/2013 --The software interface includes many tools for adding templates, themes, and scenes, plus adding audio narration and selling the e-book online. Tools for adapting a flipbook for reading on a mobile device are just as easy. Doing so in fact increases the likelihood of selling the e-book, since many people prefer to read using their mobile device. They can sit in any comfortable position and open the e-book any time. All it takes is just a few simple steps.

1. Start up the software Flipbook Creator.
2. Import the PDF file to be converted into the e-book. Selecting the file from a list is simple, and the rest of the process occurs automatically. Wait until the import process is completed.
3. In the “Design Settings” panel, choose the desired template and theme, depending on how the e-book is intended to look.
4. On the “Output Type” setting, choose .html and check the box next to “Also Make Mobile Version”.

Mobile devices are unique in that they have a smaller screen, requiring websites and e-books to be customized to fit on the screen and be readable. Being that they have processing power equal to desktops and laptops, not to mention being portable and more versatile, people are apt to use them for many things. They are also lighter and easier to carry than traditional books. This makes a mobile e-book a more powerful tool for building a readership. Anyone selling their flipbooks will find that the software now helps them to increase sales as part of their business.

The mobile output option is integrated seamlessly into the flipbook software - Flipbook Creator interface. By following the steps above, a mobile flipbook can be created in just a few minutes. For users needing additional instruction, a step-by-step tutorial page is available on the website. Extra help is always available by logging onto its website for more information or downloading the software for Windows or Mac computers.

About FlipPageMaker.com
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