Flipbook Creator Now Provides 3D Visual and Audio eBook Capabilities


Guangzhou, Guang Dong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/25/2013 --Technology is developing every day in all different fields including reading. First, readers had the printing press, then capability to listen to audio books, and now eBooks. Now eBooks are continuing to develop and readers are able to have realistic page flipping visual effects to bring their eBooks to life as well as audio capability for these 3D eBooks. Software Company FlipPageMaker Business Software Group has released FlipBook Creator to create amazing page flipping eBooks by using either Flash or HTML5.

One of the best things about FlipBook Creator is that users can create an audio eBook. Users can choose an animated assistant to tell their story to the reader and all eBook developers have to do is tell the assistant what to say. Users generate audio by using a built-in speech engine and users can import their own audio to use. This is the perfect tool to add another effect for presentations, storybooks or language learning tools.

Another great feature that FlipBook Creator has is a search function. This tool allows readers to search through eBook text and retain links throughout the eBook. FlipBook Creator also has the capability to track eBook traffic through Google Analytics Integration. This allows users to see who is reading their book and develop their current eBook or future eBooks based on demographic information provided by Google Analytics.

One of the great things about eBooks is that users can carry multiple books with them through one portable device or multiple devices such as smart phones, laptops, PCs, or tablets. FlipBook Creator allows readers to display their created eBooks via an online BookShelf. This feature allows readers to create a digital library to store and manage their eBooks no matter what device they use to read the eBook.

The best feature about FlipBook Creator, however, would probably be the free product updates for a lifetime. After users purchase FlipBook Creator for $99.00, any new improvements or updates are available free after the original purchase. After buying this product once, users use it forever with no limitations of the number of PDF files in the program.

Available for Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP, FlipBook Creator will create stunning 3D eBooks that are visually interactive as well as an optional audio capability. With a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and free lifetime updates, FlipBook Creator is an affordable 3D eBook software that is easy-to-use with professional results. To start creating amazing and professional 3D eBooks, users can download the software at http://www.flippagemaker.com/flippingbook-maker/.