FlipBook Creator v3.8.8 Introduces Bookcase Feature and Bookmark Tab

Enabling the user to convert PDF files into page flipping book, FlipBook Creator v3.8.8 also introduces new features to the software series.


Guangdong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/05/2013 --Enabling the user to convert PDF files into page flipping book, FlipBook Creator v3.8.8 also introduces new features to the software series. These include the “BookCase” for providing a visually pleasing, familiar interface for viewing files, plus making it easy to share flipbooks online. The bookmark tab allows users to set bookmarks for specific pages, complete with captions, page numbers, and colors, on the left hand setting panel of the main screen.

To get started, users have to import a PDF by clicking on the “Import PDF” button. A new screen appears where one can select the source of the file and the number of pages to import. This feature also allows for watermarks to be set and for users to decide the quality and size of their file. Checkboxes for importing pre-existing bookmarks and links, detecting wide pages, and enabling viewers to search the flipbook, are provided.

Once the PDF is imported into the digital magazine software, it is time to choose a template and theme. On the left hand panel, templates are accessed by a button under the “Design Setting” tab. A pop up screen appears and Classical, Float, Neat, and Spread are the free templates included. These can be selected along with the pre-configured individual themes associated with each. Choosing these will automatically apply the choices to the flipping book in progress.

The title, logo, font, and button settings can then be tweaked on the design setting screen. By clicking each of these and more and choosing the options on the respective dropdowns, the settings for the templates and the flipbook are established. The entire process takes a few minutes and the virtual e-book is completed. Only one final step remains – convert the file to a flipping book in the flipbook creator, which is done by clicking on the “Convert to Flipping Book” button at the top of the screen.

Once the file is converted, users can publish their works online by clicking the “Upload Online” button to select where to send it to. Users can publish their flipbooks on a website or on a social network profile just by choosing where they want it to go within the software.

The page flip software makes it easy for anyone to convert a PDF to a flipbook and upload it online. For more details, download a free trial, and to purchase the software visit http://flippagemaker.com/flippingbook-maker/index.html.

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