FlipBook Maker Allows Editing Meta Settings for HTML E-Books


Guangzhou, Guangdong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/12/2013 --People can see a huge potential in what is being offered by the likes of Amazon with their Kindle and humongous choice of ebooks, Kobo with their cut price, humble E-readers and, of course, the iPad which, amongst everything else it can do, can now allow people to view epub files (Kobo, iPad) and.mobi files (Kindle), if they have the right apps for the job, but others see a negative side, and a love of the tradition of reading, the smell of paper all but disappearing.

Flipping books are the main area where people should be paying attention as not only do they allow quick access to publications, but they do it in a very efficient and beautiful way at the same time. However there is a lot more potential and benefit to a flipping book for businesses and for other promotional purposes. Number benefit users may want to know is How to do Meta settings for page flipping book in html format? Meta settings can help to optimize search engine for webpage. There are four output types for user to choose from for the exporting page flipping book. When users plan to convert html digital book, they may need to do detail Meta settings for it.

HTML Meta Settings usually contain three items: Title, Keywords, and Description.
Step1: design page flipping book with FlipBook Creator or flipbook maker pro;
Step2: click “Convert To Flipping Book” button to open the Output Options window;
Step3: select “*.html” as the Output type;
Step4: click “Advanced” icon and complete the Meta settings in “Advanced Settings” window. And then click OK and start the conversion.

Another benefit is it can an effective way to distribute promotional materials which, rather than being screwed up and thrown in the bin like their paper equivalent, look considerably more attractive are much more modern and interactive and almost ask to be played with. Pages on them can be flipped in a variety of ways, pages can be printed, readers can zoom in and, perhaps most importantly, they can be shared on social networks and via email.

FlipPageMaker is best digital page flip software company based in China and was established in 2009. User feedback and advice have been used to add improvements to this new range of software, allowing PDF and Office files to be converted to flipping page e-books, magazines, brochures, catalogs, and more.