Flipbook Publishers Now Can Add Dynamic News Bar to Online Books by the Latest eFlip Standard

With eFlip Standard, users can now add a news scroll bar to the background or foreground of a flipping e-book.


GuangZhou, Guangdong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/07/2013, a digital software publishing company, has added the ability for users to include a news scroll bar to their flipbooks. The scroll bar can be set to appear in the background or foreground of the e-book, and can display a variety of different types of content. This functionality is in addition to the ability to add templates, themes, and scenes as well as videos, images, music, audio, Flash objects, and more.

The news scroll bar function allows users to do many different things. It can be set to display company news, for example, giving the reader insight into what the organization is doing or what products may soon be available. Links can also be displayed representing things such as new flipping books. The user can therefore introduce books related to the current one by clicking on the link in the scroll bar. In addition, these links can be to sources of more detailed information where it is necessary.

News scroll items can also consist of a list of the latest hot products, or news items which the company’s readers may be interested in. The feature, therefore, can be put to use in many ways. It is flexible and easy to set up. Also, users can decide on the location, size, news caption, URL, transparency, and even the RoTeteDelay time of the news scroll bar.

Adding a scroll bar is easy. In the eFlip Standard interface, the user has to select the “Plugins” tab in the left design panel. Next, a double click is required to apply the “mini-news-rotator”. The plugin settings are then edited to apply the changes. The body of the news is set by selecting the URL of the caption. Adjusting the news scroll bar is simple because this interface is structured in the same way as other setting panels in the software interface.

The new feature in eFlip Standard is available now. For more information on it and the software in general, please to go

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