FlipBook Software Now Lets Publishers Concentrate on Aesthetics Without Adding Cost and Time to Projects

Allowing users to convert PDF and Word files to page flipping e-books, flipbook software provides a full set of features and settings for managing the aesthetics of each project.


Guangzhou, Guangdong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/13/2013 --FlipPageMaker.com has developed software tools for easily creating e-books with a flipping page effect. The software also includes many features for customizing the look of each project, including templates, themes, backgrounds, and more. Whether e-publications are intended for internal or external customers, the flipbook software allows users to focus on presentation regardless of their level of expertise with graphics and publishing.

Users can keep their creations simple or add a number of interactive and visual features depending on their needs. Flipbooks can be output to email, disk, USB device, or put on a website or social media profile. Images, sounds, and Flash effects can also be integrated to make the content more engaging. In an era when it is easier than ever to publish and more imperative to catch a reader’s attention, the software offers a simple means to do so without costly experts, training, and equipment.

FlipBook Creator enables users to easily design an e-book that will generate a great first impression. Electronic books, magazines, brochures, product catalogs and more are more likely to catch the hearts of viewers. For any business, the benefits of having customers more apt to purchase products, visit websites, and contact the company cannot be denied. Competition has gone global so it is more important than ever to stay on top of the game.

Uniqueness is easier to achieve with the online magazine software as well. Between content, layout, and formatting, the functions available to users allow a project to be completed in little time. Not only can the content be different. The background and theme add something to the overall appearance. Users can also tend to color management tools which can create a much different look and feel, plus contribute to branding efforts for any business or product.

These aspects of the software help anyone to create beautiful scenes and graphics to grab attention in any digital book, magazine, catalog, annual report, or manual. The settings can be changed easily via the software interface. For more information on these capabilities and more software features, visit http://flippagemaker.com. For people who need to embed multimedia into flipbook, flipbook maker pro version is required!

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FlipPageMaker.com is a software development company focusing on digital publishing tools for businesses and consumers. Founded in 2008, the company creates and markets versatile flip page software products for creating engaging e-books, magazines, brochures, and reports without special knowledge or skill. It is focused on high quality and expert customer service.