Flipbooks Created in eFlip Standard Can Now Be Published Online Using the Customer's Own Account

When creating flipbooks with eFlip Co. Ltd’s electronic magazine making software, eFlip Standard, users can now publish their flipping books to the company’s web server.


GuangZhou, Guangdong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/15/2013 --Electronic magazine and e-book publishing software developer, eFlip Co. Ltd., has enjoyed the popularity of its star product, eFlip Standard, for some time. People in the digital publishing industry can now take advantage of the company’s web server to upload and host their flipping e-books created with the application. They can do so from the software interface, using the same tools it provides for anyone with no prior publishing experience.

With eFlip Standard, a digital Flash magazine can be uploaded directly to the eFlip Server. Customers receive 5 GB of free storage for their publications with each license. The total storage allows for up to 250 e-books to be uploaded at no extra cost, while more than 5 GB is available at a low cost should the customer require the space. Web storage space, therefore, is available to all who require as much as they need to support their publishing requirements or business.

Users can upload an e-magazine to the company’s servers from the software. On the publishing screen, there is a black triangle next to the “Publish” icon. Clicking on this opens a list of various options; to publish the e-book online, click on “To FTP Server” and fill out the FTP server account information. There are host, user name, password, and port fields in the form that appears. The software can store the options when the user clicks on the “Remember” option; this way, they can save the settings for later use.

Next, users must set the publish directory and folder name. There is no additional charge for this feature and users can repeat the settings unlimited times. The storage and publishing functions are available to online magazine publishers at no cost. These enable even small publishers to share their electronic magazines easily and quickly, making it simpler to establish a new magazine and maintain a business without the costs it would take to run a traditional print operation.

With eFlip Standard, users can convert PDF, Microsoft Office, and OpenOffice documents to page-flipping e-magazines. These can then be published online or be made available for tablets and mobile devices. For more information on the software’s features and the eFlip Server, go to

About eFlip Co. Ltd.
Founded in 2009, eFlip Co. Ltd. is a digital publishing software company based in China. Recognized as a leading consumer software provider and certified as a National High-Tech Enterprise in the country, the company has seen a high rate of growth as it has developed its software and made it available worldwide. Its professional publishing software is also available at a low cost to business and personal customers.