FlipBuilder Announces a Presentation Booklet Creator for Businesses

FlipBuilder has launched a presentation booklet creator called Flip PDF for the company owners to brand their business.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/01/2017 --FlipBuilder has now launched its latest presentation booklet creator in the market that will assist the non-designers to design the beautiful and compatible booklets for their products and services. With the usage of Flip PDF software, the owners can create the online booklets with customized solutions. This will help the businesses become a brand and will attract many potential customers to look out for company's products and services. Even Alan Chen, designer of FlipBuilder holds high praises for this presentation booklet creator as it is going to help the people from non-designing background to design matchless and creative business booklets.

Provision of Perfect Look to Online Booklet

FlipBuilder promises its users an amazingly unique outlook for its product promotion based presentation booklet creator that can be customized according to the products and services offered by the company. The Flip PDF helps the business owners design great booklet with seamless flipping effect and introducing features like:

- Interactive Presentation: The software helps in creating a sliding or flipping effect to the booklet. One can make it reciprocal by embedding the multimedia features as audios, HD images, videos, shopping cart, hyperlink and much more. This will support the company's online promotion of their products and services.

- Using a Unique Logo: With the help of Flip PDF, one can brand his/her business in a great way. People can design a good logo that will promote the owner's business, and customers will get to recognize the products and services of a particular brand with the logo. It can be switched on the top or bottom of pages on the homepage too.

- Distributing the Booklet: The company owners can share their booklet online through many platforms as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Even the link to the booklet can be embedded in the newsletter for the usage of the customers.

- Offline and Online Publishing: The software from FlipBuilder supports the offline publishing through formats like Mac App, Mobile Version or FBR. At later, users can upload it to the server of FlipBuilder.

Therefore, it can be seen that the presentation booklet creator brings the ideal platform for non-designers to promote their business.

About FlipBuilder
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