FlipBuilder Announces Flipping Book Software for Online Publishing

With the new flipping book software provided by FlipBuilder, users now can create interactive flipping books and publish them online.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/19/2018 --In the age of digital publication reaching new heights, FlipBuilder is an online publishing platform making the experience more efficient and attractive than ever. With a myriad of products already released, FlipBuilder is now announcing a new free solution: flipping book software—Flip PDF. The free software will allow content creators to transform their PDF content into flipping book content, thereby enhancing its appeal and improving user experience.

The aim of releasing the flipping book software for free was to create the ideal, most interactive reading experience for readers. The flipping book converted from PDF has many benefits and appeals that traditional PDF files cannot deliver. Alice Lee, marketing of FlipBuilder states, "Flipping book reading experience is unlike any other – the file can incorporate images, videos, gifs, background music, bookmarks, annotations, special effects and so on. This all-inclusive digital reading experience comes up to par with physical reading, which is what attracts readers and book lovers the most."

Flip PDF is ideal flipping book software for marketers who are seeking to improve their digital marketing. With the software, PDF files can be converted into rich and interactive flipping books that attract new customers more than ever. Potential customers no longer have to keep on reading digital marketing content – flipping book will allow them to experience digital marketing content in a new way with enhanced visual and audio appeal.

FlipBuilder is pleased to provide its users a cross publishing platform. Content uploaded online can be accessed by all users from any device and operating system. This will increase the amount of audience and exposure content creators can reach out to. "At this point, flipping book is revolutionary, with no limitations whatsoever. Our flipping book software is global, unlimited, and most importantly, free." Alice stated.

About FlipBuilder
FlipBuilder has always been committed to making innovations and impressing publishing companies and individuals. Digital publishing has been made easier through the company's efforts to provide its users a wide range of applications and software that can convert ordinary documents into outstanding flipping books.

For more information, please visit http://www.flipbuilder.com/.