FlipBuilder Announces the Rollout of a Brochure Maker for Business

Businesses can now create and present mind-blowing digital brochures with the new brochure maker that FlipBuilder rolled out recently.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/14/2019 --FlipBuilder recently made an announcement that it has rolled out its free brochure maker, Flip PDF Professional, for individuals and businesses. Flip PDF Professional is a brochure maker developed by FlipBuilder to enable business owners to create amazing and convincing brochures for their business.

It is expected that the brochure maker that FlipBuilder rolled out recently will cover the gaps noticed with the use of other similar software. One such gap is the static nature of the brochure produced with other software. Businesses can use Flip PDF Professional to create interactive and mind-blowing brochures that will win potential clients over to business owners. It is possible because the brochures are not only inviting but are also more engaging. People tend to pay more attention to the content of the brochure because it engages them from the beginning to the end.

"Our brochure maker comes with many outstanding features that make it comparable to any top similar software worldwide. Apart from the capability for users to add their media files, there are many other ways users can customize the brochure," said Alan Chen, designer of FlipBuilder. Also, businesses have their brochure displayed with the same quality across multiple platforms. That is due to the mobile responsive nature of the brochure produced with the software. The technology behind such capability is Flash and HTML5. However, users do not need any coding skills to be able to use Flip PDF Professional because of the easy to use drag and drop tool.

Flip PDF Professional comes in different versions. Windows and Mac users can download the appropriate version of the software on the website. Although the software is free to use, there is an advanced package that is paid package. Just as the name suggests, it is the paid package that comes with even more advanced features that will totally transform brochures to absolute delight. Check for more information on http://www.flipbuilder.com/

About FlipBuilder
FlipBuilder is an industry expert in software development. The company provides software for creating flipbooks. Its core vision is to provide easy to use software at affordable fees to individuals and businesses.