FlipBuilder Develops a Flipbook Creator for Birthday Celebration

The flipbook creator helps users preserve their birthday memories and share them with family and friends.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/17/2020 --FlipBuilder has developed a flipbook creator for birthday celebration. The software enables users to preserve birthday memories for family and friends in captivating flipbooks. Developed by FlipBuilder, Flip PDF comes with powerful tools that can make stunning birthday flipbooks. The flipbooks will capture memories of birthdays in photo and video forms. Users can upload all the memorable images and videos to make the birthday celebration stand out.

FlipBuilder helps to create digital birthday memory books for all birthdays celebrated to capture the fun moments. Users can choose beautiful templates, backgrounds, and themes from the many offered by Flip PDF. They will then customize their books with colors, logos, videos, music, graphics, slideshows, animations, and other interactive elements that will make them appealing to audiences. Starting with captivating covers, the flipbooks should be able to stand out and capture the attention of readers.

"Using our Flip PDF to chronicle birthday celebration is a simple and straightforward process," said Fermi Huang, Chief Engineer of FlipBuilder. "Users have free easy-to-use tools at their disposal, and all they need is to upload the necessary media including recorded events, pictures, speeches, and text to create nostalgia and capture fun moments of the birthday. By modifying the design elements and perfecting each page with customization, their birthday celebration memories will be preserved in impressive publications that will last for many years."

With FlipBuilder, it is easy to design, publish, and share birthday memories with family and friends. The process is automated, making it easy to have the publications ready within minutes. All it takes is to customize designs, add interactivity and customizations to make them appealing to read through. All the design effects are provided to help users include decorative elements and animations to make the pages more dynamic. The platform gives users the opportunity to create their birthday flipbooks in formats that are easy to share on mobile devices, browsers, and social networks.

Flip PDF is a professional birthday flipbook creator for everyone. It has an intuitive interface and other powerful tools to make the books stunning and engaging. Users can relive their fun moments by enriching their publications with interesting details of their big day. They can turn their birthday events into memorable publications by embellishing content with stylish themes and templates for realistic experiences.

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