FlipBuilder Free Page Turning Software Creates Amazing Digital Publications

Free page turning software is an excellent way to create engaging digital publications that convert. FlipBuilder offers outstanding software with advanced features.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/08/2021 --Reading a book or magazine is quite relaxing; some even find it to be therapeutic. But carrying books or magazines around can be a chore, especially in today's world where almost everything is available online or in an app. What's needed is a happy compromise. Free page turning software is the answer publishers and their audiences have been looking for. It creates vivid digital publications with the page flipping effect of a regular book. FlipBuilder offers the best choice for such software.

Flip PDF Plus Pro quickly converts static PDF files into stunning eBooks, magazines, brochures, and many other types of publication. The free page turning software makes publishers' jobs easier and gives readers an elevated viewing experience. It's chock-full of extraordinary features that will bring dull PDFs to life and keep audiences endlessly engaged.

The benefits of free page turning software include the ability to include various multimedia in digital publications. At one time, pictures had to be included in books for people to be interested in them. Today's readers are more interested in videos and animation. With Flip PDF Plus Pro, content creators can add YouTube videos, image galleries, audio, and hyperlinks to their flipbooks. And the elements can be animated. This holds readers' attention for longer and hyperlinks make it easier for them to take desired actions.

Many publications are created to advertise a business and its products. Free page turning software can make branding easier and more effective. Flip PDF Plus Pro allows publishers to add their company logo to their flipbook's toolbar as well as on the individual pages. They can also add phone numbers and an about section to their publications. What better way to increase brand awareness than to ensure the target audience is fully exposed to it?

Effective free page turning software should offer choices for publishing the flipbooks created. Flip PDF Plus Pro allows for both online and offline publication. Users can take advantage of FlipBuilder's cloud publishing service, including the Bookcase feature, or publish to their own websites and blogs using the embed code. Offline options include exporting to a local computer and saving on USB and CD/DVD.

"Flip PDF Plus Pro is built to give publishers every advantage," says Fermi Huang, Chief Engineer of FlipBuilder.

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