FlipBuilder Launches a Magazine Maker to Make a Magazine at Home

The magazine maker can be downloaded from home to enable users to create captivating magazines that sell.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/10/2020 --FlipBuilder has just launched a new magazine maker that helps to create magazines at home. The Flip PDF Pro was developed by FlipBuilder to enable users to access innovative tools from the comfort of their homes. They can download the software, follow the guidelines and demos, and design stunning magazines that target various audiences online. FlipBuilder offers a solution for users who need to develop customized magazines that will enhance audiences' reading experience. Because they are made using HTML5 technology, the magazines are accessible on all mobile devices.

E-magazines created by Flip PDF Pro can reach readers wherever they are. The Flip PDF Pro has a page edit function that allows users to modify the templates by adding interactive effects such as Flash, hyperlinks, images, YouTube videos, and more to make the magazines visually appealing and dynamic. The magazines created will engage the readers and make them want to continue exploring and connecting with brands. By adding hotspots to their magazines, users can drive traffic to their e-commerce stores or websites.

"At FlipBuilder, we are always a step ahead with our products, thanks to our valuable clients," said Winston Zhang, CEO of FlipBuilder. "Their feedback helps us improve and come up with new products that will take their marketing objectives to a new level. Our magazine maker has simple-to-use but highly responsive tools to make magazines that will drive sales and revenue for their businesses. They can now earn from their magazines and win more customers using their creativity and our smart tools."

With FlipBuilder, there is always something new and exciting. Now it is possible to create a collection of magazines and embed them on their digital bookshelf. This will make it easy for audiences to access the content of their choice at any time by just clicking a link. FlipBuilder is allowing users to design multiple publications based on editions, niches, and target audiences in order to offer readers a variety to choose from. Moreover, users have complete control over their creations.

FlipBuilder helps users promote their products and brands using captivating digital magazines. By adding their web icons or brand logos, images, and colors to their creations, users can build brand awareness and establish new relationships with potential customers. They can use the publications to market and sell their products to massive audiences online and offline. Since Flip PDF Pro allows them to publish in multiple formats, they can share their projects across platforms and make their products and brands known to the world.

For more information, please visit https://www.flipbuilder.com/

About FlipBuilder
FlipBuilder is an innovative solution provider who develops intuitive digital publishing software for publishers, marketers, and entrepreneurs. The company designs multiple products that can be used to make different digital publications for marketing and brand promotion.