FlipBuilder Launches Its Flip PDF to Create Animated Books for Preschoolers

Flip PDF enables users to create animated books that help preschoolers enhance their understanding of concepts.


HongKong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/05/2020 --FlipBuilder is the number one digital software developer who keeps up with emerging technologies to bring the best products to the market. The company has just launched its newest Flip PDF software for creating animated books for preschoolers. Animated books offer children better learning opportunities by developing their attention span. Educationists can use the software to design e-books according to the scholars' learning capacity to enhance their understanding. By integrating interactive elements such as animations, audios, images, graphics, and more, the learners will be able to grasp concepts and retain the memory of what they will be learning.

Flip PDF provides advanced tools that help to design beautiful e-books that engage preschoolers. The software has plenty of pre-designed templates and themes that help to create stunning e-books that enable children to link concepts with the content and connect what they see with their reasoning. They not only have fun while learning but also engage with the material presented to them.

Animated books introduce preschoolers to the love of art. The illustrations and presentations help to enhance their emotions and the stories presented. The learning context will encourage them to re-read and review the different animations and pictures repeatedly as they watch the emotions and interactions of the characters, listen to the stories, and uncover new things.

"At FlipBuilder, we give our clients full control of their e-books," said Winston Zhang, CEO of FlipBuilder. "Our tools are easy to use, making it easy for them to design irresistible animated books that will keep preschoolers glued to each page. Children's concentration and cognitive abilities can be enhanced by presenting immersive content that resonates with their interests and preferences. With our advanced features, users can accomplish their objectives by creating animated books that boost the pupils' levels of intellect."

Animated books created at FlipBuilder can help preschoolers build their self-confidence and feel a sense of control. They offer them the opportunity to be part of a story and can take charge of control its pace. With interactive functionalities such as zooming, slides, and page-flipping effects, they can pause over the pages they like, go back to revisit favorite parts of the story, or peruse through the books slowly to understand concepts better. Children enjoy being part of the game, and animated books will allow them to take part in the activities presented in the books. They can dance along, echo the audios, and mimic the animated characters.

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