FlipBuilder Makes Memories Last Through Its Flip PDF Photo Book Maker

FlipBuilder allows everyone to have his or her own do-it-yourself photo books through Flip PDF, the software that has been the talk of the town because of its remarkable features as a photo book maker.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/09/2018 --FlipBuilder always succeeds in every attempt of developing digital publishing software. This time, FlipBuilder clients are making noise about FlipBuilder's photo book maker, Flip PDF. Its PDF-conversion function and its realistic photo book outputs have been much talked about. Many Flip PDF users are more than just satisfied with their published photo books and could attest that the photo book maker has indeed helped them increase their website's traffic, widen their linkages of customers and most importantly, generate real income for their businesses.

Alan Chen, the designer of FlipBuilder, built a team of competent software designers and developers to come up with a dynamic photo book maker. After some time, the collaboration process finally paid off as soon as Flip PDF was released online for free. "Flip PDF can convert PDF files or images into professionally-made photo books. All members of the FlipBuilder team gave their very best to derive this photo book maker. However, upgrades and enhancements are still expected to be incorporated into the software as users' demand is also ever-changing," Chen stated. Upon hearing this from the designer himself, Flip PDF users became more confident in using the photo book maker for various purposes.

For those who are not yet familiar with Flip PDF, this photo book maker enables users to convert PDF documents and images into interactive digital materials such as a photo book. This is done by importing files into Flip PDF software. Users can customize and design the material according to their preferences on the templates, themes, and even animation effects. Integrating media files and adding video links are also possible. The engaging photo books will then be published by users online or locally. All published photo books will serve the purpose of enticing readers to check out the published digital content.

Anyone can get more ideas about Flip PDF through http://www.flipbuilder.com/flip-pdf/.

About FlipBuilder
The FlipBuilder company has long been established as a digital publishing solutions provider. Today, its mission to enhance the publishing industry still continues. The famous Flip PDF is one of FlipBuilder's banner products, providing advantageous features to all its users. With Flip PDF, digital contents such as photo books can be creatively made.

To know more about what FlipBuilder offers to its clients, visit its website at http://www.flipbuilder.com/.