FlipBuilder Now Offers an Upgraded Flipbook Creator with Advance Features

FlipBuilder is the online flipbook software from which anyone no matter whether they are trained for this purpose or not, can make good flipbooks which are exciting & interactive and helps in attracting more readers/customer.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/05/2016 --FlipBuilder, the online flipbook creator which allows the creator to replace their boring static PDF product catalogs or marketing brochures to a more exciting, attractive and interactive flipbook, has upgraded to version 2.3.19. Which means that now the FlipBuilder has become more powerful than ever before, it is now packed with new functions like the users can now run debug mode to help them find mistaken steps which will definitely make the developer's work more efficient and convenient than ever before.

Not only that, but now FlipBuilder has added one more very exciting feature which will further help the developer to make the flipbooks more attractive and exciting for the readers, this function will allow the developer to add a new book cover with the pre-designed templates. So, now the developer can very easily choose a book cover from the pre-designed templates which will definitely make the developer's work easier and faster. Like such, many other features are now added in FlipBuilder version 2.3.19 which will not only make flipbook easier to operate but also more convenient and faster as well as more exciting and attractive for the readers.

As stated by FlipBuilder, "The Flip PDF publishing engine is able to transform PDF material into HTML & Flash based flipbook without program and design skill. With true "publish once and read anywhere" technology, one will be able to create outstanding digital brochures, online catalogues, digital magazines that running faster and smoothly on all devices".

There are many benefits of creating a flipbook like it turns the boring PDF file into an interactive flipbook which is more attractive for the customers than the normal old style PDF docs, one has so many options to customize their flipbook to make it more exciting & attractive, it supports HTML which means anyone can easily read it on their mobile phone as well, it helps in boosting SEO stats, one can share it over social media so this flipbook becomes a great source of social media marketing, and many other benefits.

So, with the newly upgraded version of FlipBuilder 2.3.19, one can create even better and more improved flipbooks which will definitely be helpful in boosting the business and brand name.

For more information and details, please go to http://www.flipbuilder.com

About FlipBuilder
FlipBuilder provides an innovative and revolutionary solution to digital publishers who want to engage their target audiences with visually appealing and interactive content.