FlipBuilder Offers Remote Teaching Tips for Effective Teaching

The tips help teachers embrace more interactive ways to present lessons and enable learners to understand concepts better.


HongKong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/26/2020 --Offering remote lessons can be quite challenging for teachers, especially when they have to interact with students and also provide hands-on practical activities to support their lesson plans. Although it's not simple to foster collaboration and creativity remotely, teachers can use the remote teaching tips given by FlipBuilder to provide lessons effectively online and achieve excellent outcomes from their learners. They can give the students well-structured and interactive experiences that will stay in their memories for a long time.

FlipBuilder has been at the forefront of providing support to many of its clients who are looking to venture online using the platform. Teachers are no exception. They can create online learning environments that will give students comfortable experiences during lessons. Centralizing communication for learners can enable educators to provide study materials from one platform, FlipBuilder. Making FlipBuilder their official information hub will ensure that all students get updated lessons at all times.

"For learners, school is about forming relationships, nurturing skills, and preparing for their future," said Fermi Huang, Chief Engineer of FlipBuilder. "Their teachers have a duty to make sure they mold an all-round student who is well equipped to face life after their graduation. We offer remote teaching tips for effective teaching. They can provide assignments, quizzes, and tests to help students practice self-directed learning and build valuable skills as they also learn to be creative."

When working from FlipBuilder, the tutors can break their lessons into short, clear segments that learners can comprehend. This way, they'll be able to focus and process information quickly between breaks. To make the lectures more interesting, they can include discussion boards to promote interactions by allowing students to post, comment, and share posts with peers or teachers. The tools provided by FlipBuilder can help them create topics, questions, or subjects of discussions and encourage students to contribute via one social platform.

Since teachers cannot personally check their students' work, they can offer them additional support using short, live videos and voiceovers explaining concepts with step by step instructions. They can anticipate the questions students may want to ask and provide answers in video form, which students can watch and review whenever they want. Videos help in memory retention and can enable students to recall lessons easily. At FlipBuilder, educators can add as many videos as they can to their flipbooks and help students improve their understanding.

For more remote teaching tips, please visit https://www.flipbuilder.com/.

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